OLD COUNTRY CHURCH, The (W. S. Stevenson o.b.o. John Whitfield Vaughn)
Acie Cargill & The Sunshine Band (feat. Rich Mosely) (live)
Barbara Fairchild
Bass Mountain Boys, The
Bill Anderson
Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys (live, 1982)
Black Diamond Bluegrass Band
Blackwood Brothers, The
Blue Grass Gospel Aires, The
Browns, The
Bruce Burgess
Buster Jenkins
Byron Parker & His Mountaineers
Cope Brothers, The, King
Country Ham, Vetco LP 519, 1980
Dallas Smith & The Boys From Shiloh
Darrell McCallum
Darren Beachley
Daywind Studio Musicians (vcl.)
Daywind Studio Musicians (instr.)
Delmore Brothers, The (live, XERB Transcriptions)
Doc & Chickie Williams
Don Reno & Red Smiley
Eddie Wilson
Fair River Station
Frankie Miller & Jimmy Eaves
G. F. Collins & The Blue Ridge Entertainers, Heritage VII, 1975
George Hamilton IV (live), Lamon, 2012
George Pegram
Glen Glenn (live)
Greta Elkin
Hee Haw Gospel Quartet
Heritage Singers (gospel medley: Old Country Church, The/I'll Fly Away + other song(s))
Horst Brothers, 1950
J. D. Sumner & The Stamps
Jack Pearson
Jacob Pfister
Jayc Harold
Jean Shepard
Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis (live medley, Place unknown (1), US - Date unknown, 1974: When The Saints Go Marching In (slow)/The Old Country Church + 1 song)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Waldorf - Nov., 1975)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Wheeling, West Virginia - Date unknown, 1976)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live (1), Sacramento (Show 1), CA - Aug., 1976)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live (2), Sacramento (Show 1), CA - Aug., 1976)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Rainbow Theatre, London, UK - Feb. 27, 1977)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Strasbourg, France - Mar. 1, 1977)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Vienna, AT - Mar. 6, 1977)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live medley, Las Vegas, Nevada - Jun., 1977: The Old Country Church/Will The Circle Be Unbroken)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live medley, Long Beach, CA - Jul. 1, 1978: The Old Country Church + 3 songs)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Raimbow Theatre, London, UK - Feb. 17, 1980)
Jerry Sartain
Jim & Jesse McReynolds, Epic, 1964
Jim Ed & The Browns, 1967
Jimmy Arthur Ordge
Joe Cephius
Joe Paul Nichols
John Greer
John White (instr.)
Johnnie & Jack and The Tennessee Mountain Boys, King, Aug. 8, 1947
Kentucky Colonels, The
King's Gospelaires, KG 9794
Kitty Wells Family (featuring Johnny Wright)
Larry Gatlin
Lawsons, The
Liberty Bluegrass Boys, The
Lonesome Meadow
Madison County Ramblers, The
Marvin & Doris Lacy (May 5, 1957)
Mountain Ramblers, The (vcl. Thurman Pugh), Atlantic
Norma Jean
Oak Ridge Boys (1st version)
Oak Ridge Boys (2nd version)
Old, Old Story, The
Pat Boone Family, The
Patent Pending
Peter Trenholm, PT 123, 2005
Peter Trenholm (live)
Pine Mountain Railroad
Porter Hall Tennessee
Porter Wagoner & Pamela Rose Gadd
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys
Ralph Stanley (live)
Red Rector
Rickey Wasson, Copper Creek, 1996
Sand Mountain Boys
Sang It To Me (private recording)
Sean Wilson
Seth Rhinehart
Shuey Brothers, The
Sleepy LaBeef, Sun Int. unissued, 1977
Smokey Joe Miller & The Georgia Pals (1)
Smokey Joe Miller & The Georgia Pals (2)
Southlanders, The
Stamps Quartet
Stanley Brothers, The, King, 1961
Stanley Brothers, The, Wango, 1964 (instr.)
Steph & Uncle Tebo
Steve, Leroy & Brother Dave
Stonewall Jackson
Suggins Brothers, The
T. Texas Tyler, 4 Star, 1947
T. Texas Tyler, King
Taylor Mountain Boys, The
Thunder Creek
Tom Morgan
Tommy Brown & The County Line Grass
Unknown (instr. from "Smoky Mountain Hymns")
Verne Koenig
Wayne Horsburgh
Webb Pierce, Decca, 1952
Webb Pierce (later version)
Webb Pierce & Anita Kerr Singers

OLD HOME, The (Jackie Earls)
Alabama Country Boys, The (live)
Eldred Mesher (private recording)
Jacob Pfister
Johnny McEvoy, Hawk HALPX 130, 1974
Peter Trenholm, PT, 2006
Rattlesnake Annie, Rattlesnake
Texas Ruby with Curly Fox & His Fox Hunters

OLD SHEP (Clyde 'Red' Foley) (Acetate discs cut at William Griffin’s Radio & Shoe Shop, 704, Highland Street, Montgomery, Alabama in 1942 or earlier)
Alexander Brothers
Barry Crocker
Ben Jones
Bob Wills
Bradley Kincaid
Bruce McMillan
Bryan Watkins
Buddy Williams
Cal Shrum
Clinton Ford (1)
Clinton Ford (2)
Col Joye
Dave Dudley
Denver Darling, 1947
Diamond Accordion Band, The (instr. medley: Old Shep + 2 none Hank songs)
Dick Parry (1)
Dick Parry (2)
Eddy Arnold
Elvis Presley
Foster & Allen
Freddie Starr (live)
Hank Snow, RCA, 1958
Henrik Åberg (Jim) (Text in Swedish)
Howard Vokes
Jade Hurley (live)
Jimmy Kirkland (medley: Old Shep - Hound Dog)
Jimmy Little
John Hore
Johnny Ashcroft
Johnny Bond, World Transcription 134, Early 1950's
Johnny Cash
Kenny Price
Kinky Friedman (live)
Leanne Chaulk
Lonnie Lee
Luke Simmons & His Blue Mountain Boys
Mac Wiseman
New World
Owen Blundell
Ralph DeMarco, 1959
Ramblin’ Doug Foley, Banff/Rodeo RBS. 1106
Ramblin' Jack Elliott
Ramblin' Jack Elliott (live)
Red Foley, Conqueror 8631, Recorded December 9, 1935 - ORIGINAL
Red Foley, Decca 5944, Recorded March 4, 1941
Red Foley, World R 548, Recorded January 18, 1944
Red Foley, Decca 46052, Recorded July 31, 1946
Red Foley, Decca DXS-7177, Recorded March 6, 1963
Red Sovine
Reg Lindsay
Rex Dallas
Rusty Gill
Sammy Hall Singers, The
Scott Brannon
Smoky Dawson
Stew Clayton
Svenne Hedlund
Sydney Devine
Tex Morton (1)
Tex Morton (2)
Tim McNamara
Tornadoes, The
Walter Brennan
Townes Van Zandt (live)
Wesley Tuttle (1)
Wesley Tuttle (2)
Wilf Carter (aka Montana Slim), 1944

ON TOP OF OLD SMOKY (Traditional) (Hank performed this one on Mother's Best Flour transcriptions)
Abba (medley: On Top Of Old Smokey + 2 songs)
Al Caiola
Ames Brothers, The
Anita Kerr Singers, The (live in Germany, 1964)
Art Mooney Orchestra & Chrous (medley: On Top Of Old Smoky + 1 song)
Barry Flash
Beatles, The
Bel-Airs, The (instr.)
Bill Owens
Billy's Western Brass (instr.)
Bing Crosby
Bing Crosby & Burl Ives (on radio)
Bob Atcher, Columbia 20484
Bob Cort
Bob Hill (instr.)
Bob Ross
Bobby Joe Bratcher
Bobby Sykes & Lou Darnell
Boomerangs, The (instr. medley: On Top Of Old Smoky + 4 non Hank)
Bud Isaacs (instr.)
Buell Kazee (medley: On Top Of Old Smoky + 4)
Burl Ives (1st version)
Burl Ives (2nd version)
Burl Ives & The Percy Faith Orchestra
Captain Cook (instr.)
Carmell Jones (instr.)
Chet Atkins & Boston Pops (instr. medley: On Top Of Old Smoky + 2 non Hank songs)
Chipmunks, The
Chris Barber
Cisco Houston
Concino Children's Choir
Connie Francis
Countdown Kids, The
Country All Stars, The
Country Guitars, The (instr.)
Cousin Jody, Tag
Craig Duncan (instr. medley: Down In The Valley/On Top Of Old Smoky)
Dave Van Ronk
Dick Curless
Dr. G-Dad
Duane Eddy (instr.)
Dukes Of Dixieland, The (instr.)
Earl Scruggs (with The Morris Brothers)
Earl Scruggs (with The Morris Brothers & unknown) (outdoor jam)
Earthlings Electric Washboard Band
Eddy Arnold, 1955
Elvis Presley (from the movie 'Follow That Dream')
Ernest Tubb & Friends (instr.)
Escorts, The, Fredlo, 1964
Frank Wakefield
Frank Warner
Freddy Quinn
Gene Autry
George Reneau, Vocalion 15366
Gil Landry
Goanna Gang, The
Good Old Boys, The, UA UAS 29951, Recorded Jan., 1975
Grant Green (instr.)
Gus Backus
Guy Faux (instr.)
Hally Wood & Pete Seeger
Harold Land (instr.)
Harry Belafonte & Jimmy Jones
Hi-Lo's, The
Hit Co., The
Hit Crew, The (1st version)
Hit Crew, The (2nd version)
Homer & Jethro (live)
Hon Yuesheng, Huang Zhong & Ma Li
Hugo Strasser (instr.)
Jamboree Singers
James Richter & M. B. Gordy (instr.)
Jeff Taylor (instr.)
Jeffery Clay
Jim Climer, Kris, 1962
Jim Gibson (instr.)
John White (instr.)
Johnny & The Hurricanes (instr.)
Joni James
Josh White
Kate Smith
Kevin Roth (medley: On Top Of Old Smoky + 2 songs)
Kitty Wells
Larry Groce
Lawrence Eller
Lee Murdock
Lisa Harris (instr.)
Little 'ubs, The
London Singalong Choir, The (medley: On Top Of Old Smoky + 1 song)
Lonnie Donegan (medley: On Top Of Old Smoky + 2 songs)
Lulu Belle & Scotty (radio transcription "Breakfast In The Blue Ridge" #28, ca. 1950)
Mark Dvorak
Mary Behan Miller
Matthew Sabatella
Meyers Sisters, The & Leasie
Minnie Pearl & Pee Wee King & The Golden West Cowboys, King, 1946
Mitch Miller & The Gang
Mrs. Mills (instr.), 1970
Music World Singers, The (medley: On Top Of Smoky + 4 songs)
Nashville Banjos (instr.)
Nashville Dobros (instr.)
Nashville Harmonicas (instr.)
Nashville Pianos (instr.)
Nashville Studio Instrumentalists (instr.)
New Riders Of The Purple Sage
Nick Fiore & Travis Swackhammer (medley: On Top Of Old Smoky + 1 song)
Obray Ramsey (Alternative text)
Paul Austin Kelly
Paul Sykes
Pete Seeger (1st version)
Pete Seeger (2nd version)
Pete Seeger (live)
Peter Held (Die Freiheit der Berge) (Text in German)
Peter Pan Kids
Povel Ramel (Högt uppe på berget)
Red River Bluegrass Band
Rex Allen
Robert Blake
Robert Blake (instr.)
Robin Spielberg (instr.)
Roger McGuinn
Ron Williams, Ty-Tex, 1960
Ron Williams, Imperial, 1961
Roscoe Holcomb
Ruth Welcome
Sang It To Me (private recording)
Simone Sicola (instr. medley: On Top Of Old Smoky + 1 song)
Sing-A-Long Gang, The
Sing-A-Long Gang, The (medley: On Top Of Old Smoky + 1 song)
Stanley Brothers, The (live), Copper Creek, 1961
Stanley Brothers, The (live), Wango, 1963
Stanley Brothers, The (live), No label - No # - WBMD, Dec., 1963) Sterling Blythe & The Arizona Cowboys
Studio Group (1st version)
Studio Group (2nd version) also released as Sterling Blythe & The Arizona Cowboys
Studio Group (3)
Swinging Cowboys
Unknown (1)
Unknown (2)
Unknown (instr. medley: On Top Of Old Smoky + 3 songs)
Vanilla Sherbert
Vaughn Monroe
Ventures, The (instr.)
Weavers, The with Terry Gilkyson's Choir and Vic Shoen & His Orchestra, Decca, 1951
Weavers, The & Terry Gilkyson
Weavers, The (live, Reunion at Carnegie Hall, 1963)
Weldon Myrick, Charly McCoy, Chip Young, Gary Burnette & Terry McMillan (instr.)
Wilbert Harrison
Wilf Carter (aka Montana Slim)