SALLY GOODIN' (Hank performed this one on Mother's Best Flour transcriptions)

Adventure (instr.)
Al Dean (instr.)
Andre Houtappels (instr.)
Apex Jazz Band
Arrows (instr.)
Asleep At The Wheel (1st version)
Asleep At The Wheel (2nd version)
Atlanta Rhythm Section (medley: Jukin' (vcl.) & San Antonio Rose (instr.))
Banjo Kings (instr.)
Belgian Band Organ
Ben Poetiray (instr.)
Benning Brothers, The (instr.)
Benny Martin (instr.)
Big Jeff Bess (instr. from radio WLAC, Nashville, TN)
Bill Black's Combo (instr.)
Billy Cate
Billy Mata & The Texas Tradition
Billy Mize
Billy Robinson (instr.)
Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra (instr.)
Bing Crosby
Black Dynamites (live instr.)
Blackbury Band
Blue Boys, The (live instr. in Sweden, 1964)
Bluegrass 43 (Jean-Marc Delon, Philippe Ochin & Alain Audras)
Bob Crosby
Bob Rowe
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (1 - instr. - Vocalion 04755 - Recorded Nov. 28, 1938) - ORIGINAL
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (2 - instr. - live intro on radio KXLA, Pasadena, CA - Jan. 20, 1953)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (3 - instr. - live intro on radio KXLA, Pasadena, CA - Jan. 22, 1953)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (4 - instr. - Longhorn LP-007 - 1965)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (5 - instr. - stereo)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (A1 - vcl. - OKeh 05694 - Recorded Apr. 16, 1940)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (A2 - vcl. - Harmony HL-9003 - Recorded Apr. 16, 1940)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (B1 - vcl. - 194X)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (B - vcl. - 1941)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (C - vcl. - Snader Transcriptions - 1941)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (D - vcl.)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (E - vcl. - Tiffany Transcriptions
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (F - vcl. - 1949)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (G - vcl. - Decca 9-29604 - Jan. 25, 1955)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (H - vcl. - Liberty LST 7173 - Jul. 1, 1960)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (I - vcl. - United Artists UA-LA216-J - Dec. 4, 1973)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (M - vcl. - live Louisiana Hayride)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (N - vcl. - live for Boeing Aircraft, Wichita, Kansas - Sept. 28, 1958)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (O - vcl. - live intro, Rosa's Western Club, Ft. Worth, TX - Jan. 5, 1960)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (P - vcl. - live outro, Rosa's Western Club, Ft. Worth, TX - Jan. 5, 1960)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (Q - vcl. - live Cowtown Jamboree, Panther Hall, Fort Worth, TX - 1963)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (R - vcl. - live - Capitol, stereo)
Bobbe Seymour (instr.)
Boxcar Willie
Brennen Leigh
Bruce Forman & Cow Bop
Bryan Smith & His Orchestra (instr. - album version)
Buck White
Buck White, Eddie Adcock, Ricky Skaggs
Buddy Emmons & Ray Pennington
Buddy Spicher & Benny Martin (instr.)
Carl Smith
Carl Story & His Rambling Mountaineers, Puritan, 1939
Cattlestops, The
Charlie Cline (instr.), Adelphi AD 2001, 1974
Charlie McCoy (instr.)
Charlie Saliba
Charlie Walker (live)
Chet Atkins (instr.)
Chubby Wise (instr.)
Cliff Bruner & His Boys (instr.)
Clint Eastwood
Colleen Honeyman
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen (live)
Continentals (Text in German)
Cotton-Eyed Joe (instr.)
Country Code (instr.)
Country Guitars, The (instr.)
Country Pop All-Stars
Country Snakes (instr.) (NO)
Cow Bop
Craig Duncan (instr.)
Crystal Clark
Curley Coldiron (instr.)
Curtis Nickelson
Curtis Potter (medley: 1 + San Antonio Rose)
Dan Huckabee (instr.), Ridge Runner, 1976
Danny Davis & The Nashville Brass (instr.)
Danny Davis & The Nashville Brass (live instr.)
Dave Dudley
Dave "Fingers" McKenna (instr.)
Dave Mathewson
David Hartley (instr.)
David Qualey (instr.)
David Schnaufer (instr.)
Dean Armstrong
Dee Reillly
Delaney Musicians
Delk Band, The
Diamond Accordion Band, The (instr. medley: San Antonio Rose + 1 none Hank song)
Dick Curless
Die Gitaros (instr.)
Dinning Sisters
Doc Watson & Merle Travis (live)
Doc Williams, Wheeling WLP-9292
Don Fields & His Pony Boys (Rec. 1983), Multicultural Media, 2004
Don Helms & Jerry Rivers (live instr.)
Don Powell (instr.)
Don Reno & Red Smiley (instr.)
Don Wilkerson (instr.)
Doug Alexander (instr.)
Doug Sahm & The Sir Douglas Quintet (instr.)
Drifting Cowboys, Delta, 1983
Dwight Yoakam (with Asleep At The Wheel)
Ed Gary
Eddie Adcock
Eddie Dean
Eddie Hill
Eddie Pennington (live instr. medley: San Antonio Rose + 3)
Eddie Smith & The Chief, King, 1951 (instr.)
Elvis Presley (home recording)
Emeralds, The (instr.)
Ernest Tubb (1)
Ernest Tubb (2)
Fantasy (instr.)
Faron Young
Ferlin Husky
Fire-Birds, The (instr.)
Firehouse Five Plus Two, The (instr.)
Flaco Jiménez
Floyd Cramer (instr.)
Four Lovers, The
Four Tak, The (instr.)
Fragment (live)
Frank Ifield
Frenchie Bourke
Gary Morse
Gene Autry
Gene Autry (live)
George Berry & Cliff 'Kid' Bastien (live instr.)
George Jones
George Rout (instr.)
Gerry Reeves (instr.)
Gheorghe Zamphir (instr.)
Gordon MacRae
Grady Martin & His Slew Foot Five (instr.)
Graham BLVD
Great American String Band
Guy Lombardo & The Royal Canadians (instr.), Capitol
Hachey Brothers, The & Mary Lou, Banff/Rodeo RBS. 1036
Hank Snow (instr.)
Hank Thompson & The Brazos Valley Boys
Hardy Kingston (instr.)
Homer & Jethro (live)
Ivory Joe Hunter (live at The Grand Ole Opry)
Jack Greene (with Riders In The Sky) (medley: San Antonio Rose/Roly Poly)
Jack Guthrie
Jack Marshall
Jake Penrod (vcl. & fiddle - rehearsal)
James Bordes
Jason Coleman (instr.)
Jason Coleman (live instr.)
Jay Ungar & Molly Mason (medley: San Antonio Rose + others)
Jed Marum
Jenny Blackadder (instr.)
Jerry Coleman
Jerry Coleman (dubbed drms.)
Jerry Lee Lewis (The Caribou Sessions)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Keanesburg, NJ, USA - Jul. 10, 1962)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA - May 23, 1970)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Wheeling, WV, USA - Jul. 12, 1975)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, 66th Birthday Show Holiday Inn, Memphis, TN, USA - Sep. 29, 2001)
Jerry Wallace
Jessie Baker (instr.)
Jim Hendricks
Jim Nabors
Jim Reeves (live in Germany, 1964)
Jimmie Tokita, King KICW 8781, 1976
Jimmy Day & Herb Remington (instr.)
Jimmy Sturr
Jimmy Wakely
Jiri Zima (instr.)
Jo Stafford
Joe 'Fingers' Carr & His Ragtime Band (instr.)
Joe Grease Band, The
Joe Maphis (instr.)
Joe Paul Nichols
John Denver
John Laws (with Col Joye)
John Russell & The Tone Rangers
John White (instr.)
Johnny & The Hurricanes (instr.)
Johnny Bond (live), Starday SLP-187, 1962
Johnny Gimble & Texas Swing
Johnny Maddox (instr.) (1st version)
Johnny Maddox (instr.) (2nd version)
Johnny Maddox (instr.) (1st or 2nd)
Jumping Jewels, The (instr.)
Kai Warner Singers, The
Kandis (instr.)
Ken Griffin (instr.)
Kevin Shegog, Banff RBS. 1183
Kirsten Siggaard
Larry Sparks (instr.)
Lawrence Welk & His Dixieland Boys (instr.)
Ledward Ka'apana
Lembo Allen
Leon Rausch
Leon Russell
Leroy Van Dyke
Les Paul (instr.)
Lester Lanin & His Orchestra (with chorus vcl.), Epic, 1963
Lévis Bouliane
Lincoln Memorial Orchestra, The
Lloyd Green (instr.)
Logan Wells
Lowlanders (instr.)
Ludwig Kalbrunner
Mando & The Chili Peppers
Mark Taynor (instr. medley: 1 + San Antonio Rose)
Martin Lane (instr.)
Mary Duff (live)
Maybelle Carter (instr.)
Merle Haggard
Merle Haggard (live)
Merry Macs, The (1 - intro to the movie 'San Antonio Rose' - 1941)
Merry Macs, The (2 - from the movie 'San Antonio Rose' (rehearsal scene) - 1941)
Merry Macs, The (3 - from the movie 'San Antonio Rose' (advertising the show scene) - 1941)
Michael Martin Murphey & Rick Orozco with The San Antonio Symphony Orchestra (live WB - 1995)
Michael Parks
Mike Wootan
Mills Brothers
Mitch Snow
Moe Bandy
Mom & Dads, The (instr.)
Nashville Session Musicians (instr.)
New Orleans Delight (live instr.)
New Savages, The (instr.)
Nick Fiore, Bud Carney, Patty George & Travis Swackhammer (instr.)
Nikki McKay
Nolan Bruce Allen
Norman Luboff Choir, The
Ojai Valley Boys (live)
Orchester Anthony Ventura
Palomaz (Text in English)
Palomaz [San Antonios Ros] (Text in Swedish)
Patsy Cline, 1961 (radio transcription)
Patsy Cline, 1961
Patsy Cline (as above, but dubbed Oct. 12, 1984)
Patsy Cline, (live at the Cimarron Ballroom, Tulsa, OK, Jul. 29th, 1961)
Pee Wee King & His Golden West Cowboys (vcl. Redd Stewart), RCA Victor, Jul. 22, 1952
Peggy Gilchrist (instr.)
Piet Bester (instr.)
Pine Valley Cosmonauts, The (vcl. by Alejandro Escovedo & Jon Langford)
Pinky Tomlin
Plainsmen Quartet
Playboys II
Porter Heaps (instr.)
Quebe Sisters, The (instr.)
Quebe Sisters, The (live at the JFK Centre)
Randy Thornton (instr.)
Ray Price & The Cherokee Cowboys
Ray Price & Johnny Gimble
Ray Price & Willie Nelson
Red Foley, Radiozark Transcriptions RFS #4, 1954-55
Red River Dave
Reg Lindsay
Rhythm Riders
Ricky Skaggs
Robert Stemmons (instr./whistling)
Roland Cedermark (instr.)
Ross Nickerson (instr.)
Route 66 & Herb Remington (live in Austria)
Roy & The Kiliaan Brothers (instr.)
Sandy Kelly
Sara & Maybelle Carter (instr.)
Sarah Jory (instr.)
Sci-phonics, The (live at The Fisheries, May 31, 1985)
Seldom Scene, The
Shoji Tabuchi (live)
Simon Tedeschi & Ian Cooper (live instr.)
Simons (instr.)
Smokey Montgomery & The Lightcrust Doughboys (instr.)
Smokey Rogers
Sonny Trammel (live instr.)
Sons Of The Cactus Woman
Sons Of The Pioneers, The (1)
Sons Of The Pioneers, The (2)
Sons Of The Purple Sage (1)
Sons Of The Purple Sage (2)
Southern Country Band
Spade Cooley (live)
Spade Cooley (on Los Angeles Radio - 1950s)
Spirit Of New Orleans, The
Spotnicks, The, 1963 (instr.)
Stereos, The
Steve Hall, André Mayeux & David Patt
SuperCountry (instr.)
Tartan Lads, The
Tennessee Ernie Ford (radio transcription TEF Show 1953)
Teresa Brewer
Terry Wayne & The Dukes (instr.)
Tex-i-an Boys, The
Tex Bernie, Sonogravure, 1983
Tex Ritter
Tex Williams (live)
Texas Jim Lewis
Texas Troubadours
Time Traveller Combo (instr.)
Toasted Western Swing Band
Tom Baker's Chicago Seven (live)
Tom Houston Orchestra (instr.)
Tommy Allsup & The Raiders (instr.), Liberty, 1963
Tommy Duncan, Intro unissued, Recorded Mar. 16, 1953
Tommy Duncan (2)
Tommy Garrett (instr.)
Tommy Jackson (instr.)
Tommy Thomsen
Tony Goodman (live)
Tony Light & The Bell Boys (instr.)
Twangies, The (live instr. - 1962)
US Air Force Strolling Strings (instr.)
US Navy Band, The
Vassar Clements
Ventures, The (instr.)
Vikingarna (Text in Swedish)
Warner Mack
Webb Pierce
Wenche Hartmann
Wester Film Band, The
Western Swing All Stars
Willie Nelson
Willis Bros., The
Wim Pols

SEAMAN'S BLUES, The (Ernest Tubb/Talmadge Tubb) (Hank performed this one on Mother's Best Flour transcriptions)
Ernest Tubb, Decca
Ernest Tubb & The Texas Troubadors (live 1965)
Ernest Tubb & Merle Haggard
Jim Murphy
Willie Nelson

SEARCHING FOR A SOLDIER'S GRAVE (Roy Acuff) (Hank performed this one on Mother's Best Flour transcriptions)
Bailes Brothers, Columbia, 1945
Blue Sky Boys, The
Bob Dylan (live 2001)
Charlie Louvin
Doc & Chickie Williams, Wheeling WLP-2542
Gerald Evans
Kitty Wells
Laura Cantrell
Louvin Brothers, The
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys
Red Ellis & Friends
Stanley Brothers, The, King, 1965
Stanley Brothers, The (live), Copper Creek, 1966
Wade Mainer's Mountaineers
Wilson Brothers

SOFTLY AND TENDERLY (Will L. Thompson) (Hank performed this one on Mother's Best Flour transcriptions)
Adam Paul Williams
Al Grant
Alan Jackson
American Boychoir, The
American Hymn Singers
Andy Griffith (gospel medley: Softly And Tenderly + 2 songs)
Anne Murray
Appalachian Pickers
Asheley Clark
Barbara Mandrell
Barron Peeler
Barry Craft
Ben Bowen King (instr.)
Bill Anderson
Bill Harrell & The Virginians
Bill Nauman (instr.)
Bob Bohlman
Bobbe Seymour (instr.)
Box Tree Choir, The
Brenda Lee
Brothers Frantzich, The
Butch Baldassari (instr.)
C. S. Heath & Jonas James (instr.)
Caleb Collins
Calvin Gilmore
Cam Ray (instr.)
Carl Smith with Mother Maybelle & The Carter Sisters, Columbia 20986-s, Recorded Apr. 11, 1952
Carroll Baker
Cathedrals, The
Charles David Smart
Charlie Daniels
Charlie Daniels Band, The
Charlie McCoy (instr.)
Charlie Walker
Chigger Hill Boys & Terri
Chip Mergott (instr.)
Christian Choristers, The
Christopher West (instr.)
Chuck Wagon Gang
Colin Matier
Concordia Choir
Connie Smith
Cristy Lane
Crystal Gayle
Dallas Christian Adult Concert Choir
Daniel Johnston (live)
Daniel O'Donnell
Dave Duffus (instr.)
David Barrus
David Davidson
David Swanson
Daywind Studio Musicians
Dessert Jewels
Dino & Roger Bennett (live instr.)
Dino Kartsonakis (instr.)
Don Helms & Ron Elliott (instr.)
Doug Green
Eddie Matthews & Lawerance Mazalan
Eddy Arnold
Eden Symphony Orchestra, The (instr.)
Elizabeth & Thomas Tutankjian (instr.)
Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton & Linda Ronstadt
Esther Williams & Davey Yarborough
Fernando Ortega (instr.)
Floyd Cramer (instr. medley: Take My Hand, Precious Lord/Softly And Tenderly + 3 songs)
Forbes Family, The
Foster & Allen
Ge-Fang Yang (instr.)
George Jones
George Wright (instr.)
Glen Ellyn Chorale
Glenn Kaiser
Gospel Messengers, The
Gospel Time Band, The
Guy & Ralna
Hal 'Lone Pine', Arc
Hensley King
Heritage Singers
Holly Cross Vagley
Holly Dunn
Hunter Berry feat. Keith Williams
Jackie Edwards
James Kilbane
Jeff Johnson (instr.)
Jeff Tincher (instr.)
Jennifer Holliday
Jenny Blackadder (instr.)
Jerry Lee Lewis (The Caribou Sessions)
Jesse Lee Campbell
Jim Bennett
Jim Gibson
Jim Reeves
Jim McDonald
Jim Nabors
Jimmy Dean
Jimmy Swaggart
Jimmy Wakely
Joanne Cash & Johnny Cash
Joe Maphis (instr.)
John Charles Thomas with The King's Men Quartet
John Conlee (gospel medley: Softly And Tenderly + 1 none Hank)
John Hughey (instr.)
John MacNally
Johnny Cash
Jonathan Firey
Jonni Glaser
Jordan Family, The
Jordan Layne Bourland (instr.)
Joseph Schlegel & Lindsy Morton
Josh Turner
Joslin Grove Choral Society
Karyn List
Kenny Sears
Kevin B. Selby
Kevin Short
Kilby Brothers, The
Kingdom Heirs
Kristen Holmes Martin
LemmonFlower (private recording)
Lewis Family Band, The (medley: 2 + Softly And Tenderly)
Lewis Tradition (instr.)
Lisa Bevill
'Little' Roy Wiggins
Lloyd Green & Tommy White (live instr.)
Lois Griscom Anderson (instr.)
London Fox Singers, The
Loretta Lynn (1st version)
Loretta Lynn (2nd version)
Luther Barnes & Red Budd Gospel Choir
Maranatha! Sings, The
Margaret Wahlen
Marie Barlow Martin
Mark deVille Jobson
Mark Lowry
Martins, The
Mary Barrett
Merle Haggard
Mike Snider (instr.)
Mille Pace Trio
Million Dollar Quartet, The (Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley & Jerry Lee Lewis)
Moe Bandy
Monroe Crossing
Ned Beatty
Newell Oler
Norma Jean
Owen Gray
Pat Boone
Paul Hamilton Glover (instr.)
Peter Posa (instr.)
Phillip Keveren (instr.)
Prisonaires, The
Rambos, The
Randy Travis
Ray Price
Ray Walker
Rebecca Lynn Howard
Rex Allen, Jr.
Rex Harris
Richel Kompst
Ritchie Works
Robert Blake
Robert David Lee
Roby Duke
Rodney Dillard & The Dillard Band (feat. Beverly Dillard)
Ronnie Milsap
Roy Hibbs (instr.)
Sandi Patty (medley: Softly And Tenderly + 1 none Hank song)
Serenity Studio Players
Signature Sound Quartet (live)
Skip Bessonette
Southernaires, The, 1941
Stan Hitchcock
Stanley Brothers, The, Cabin Creek LP 203, 1965
Stanley Brothers, The, Rimrock RLP-153, 1966
Steve Ivey
Steven Anderson
Stones River Ranch Boys
Stu Phillips
Sunset Strings, The
Sunshine & Bergey
Susan Raye
Suzanne Balcom
Terry Pillow Singers, The
Tim Smith (instr.)
Tommy Collins (1)
Tommy Collins (2)
Tommy Overstreet
Tommy Walker & The CA Worship Band (instr.)
Tony Sawyer
Twila Paris
Unknown, Banff RBS. 1147
Unknown (instr. from "Smoky Mountain Hymns")
Wayne Brasel
Wayne T. Warren
William Zeitler
Williams Sisters, The
Willie Nelson
York College Concert Choir, The

Bailes Brothers, The
Carter Family, The, Bluebird B-8947, Oct. 14, 1941 - ORIGINAL
Carter Family, The (live on radio, 1939)
Charlie Moore & Bill Napier
Happy Goodman Family, The
Jim & Jessie McReynolds
Laverne Tripp & Family
Pelfrey Brothers, The
Porter Wagoner
Red White
Sac River Jones
Stonewall Jackson
Wilburn Brothers

ST. LOUIS BLUES (W. C. Handy) (No info at the moment, but maybe a home recording or demo)
Pat Boone, Dot
Pete Cassell, Decca 5954, Recorded Mar. 12, 1941
W. C. Handy's Memphis Blues Band (instr.), 1922 - ORIGINAL

Brian Jendra
Hank Thompson & The Brazos Valley Boys, Globe 124, Recorded Aug., 1946
Hank Thompson & The Brazos Valley Boys, Capitol 57-40218, Recorded Jun. 22, 1949
Hank Thompson
Johnny Marks
Luke Gordon, L&C LP-0014, 1960 (recorded 1954-1955)
Roy Drusky