3-CDs (slipcase), 16-page booklet, 62 tracks.

Unbelievably, there's still more to discover, still more to hear by Hank Williams. In these audio snapshots we hear him as a fifteen-year-old performer making his very first recordings; two years later, he's a brash young singer with a local following around Montgomery, Alabama; another nine years on, he's newly arrived in Nashville, hosting his first syndicated radio series; and finally, he's the biggest star in country music performing a couple of public service shows. Two years after the last of these shows, his brief, incendiary career would be over.

In 1938 or '39, when Hank was fifteen and had no shortage of confidence, he recorded 'Fan It', a song originally waxed by bluesman Frankie 'Half Pint' Jaxon in 1928. The second song was 'Alexander's Ragtime Band'. On the evidence of a 1940 home recording, Hank's voice had matured considerably in two years. And at a time when country and pop music were stiff and mannered, Hank was already rocking out.

The 'Health and Happiness' shows were recorded in Nashville in October 1949, four months after Hank moved to Nashville to join the Grand Ole Opry. Now, more than sixty years after they were recorded, we can hear them as they first sounded in cleaned up versions.

The twelve years encapsulated on this set saw Hank Williams rise from 'The Singing Kid' on Montgomery's WSFA to the preeminent country star of his time.

CD-1: 'Health and Happiness'

01: Happy Rovin' Comboy (Theme)
02: Wedding Bells
03: Lovesick Blues
04: Old Joe Clark (Jerry Rivers)
05: Sally Goodin (Jerry Rivers)
06: Happy Rovin' Cowboy (Theme)
07: You're Gonna Change
08: There's A Bluebird On Your Windowsill (Audrey Williams)
09: Fire On The Mountain (Jerry Rivers)
10: Tramp On The Street
11: Sally Goodin (Jerry Rivers)
12: Happy Rovin' Cowboy (Theme)
13: I'm A Long Gone Daddy
14: I'm Telling You (Audrey Williams)
15: Bill Cheatham (Jerry Rivers)
16: When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels
17: Sally Goodin (Jerry Rivers)
18: Happy Rovin' Cowboy (Theme)
19: Lost Highway
20: I Want To Live And Love (Hank & Audrey)
21: Bile Dem Cabbage Down (Jerry Rivers)
22: I'll Have A New Life
23: Fingers On Fire (Bob McNett)
24: Sally Goodin (Jerry Rivers)

CD-2: 'Health and Happiness'

01: Happy Rovin' Cowboy (Theme)
02: A Manison On The Hill
03: There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
04: Tennessee Wagner (Jerry Rivers)
05: The Prodigal Son
06: Sally Goodin (Jerry Rivers)
07: Happy Rovin' Cowboy (Theme)
08: Pan American
09: Lovesick Blues
10: Arkansas Traveler (Jerry Rivers)
11: I Saw The Light
12: Sally Goodin (Jerry Rivers)
13: Happy Rovin' Cowboy (Theme)
14: Mind Your Own Business
15: Wedding Bells
16: Cotton Eyed Joe (Jerry Rivers)
17: I've Just Told Mama Goodbye
18: Sally Goodin (Jerry Rivers)
19: Happy Rovin' Cowboy (Theme)
20: I Can't Get You Off My Mind
21: I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
22: Fisherman's Hornpipe (Jerry Rivers)
23: Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine
24: Sally Goodin (Jerry Rivers)

CD-3: Hank's First-Ever Recordings 1938

01: Fan It
02: Alexander's Ragtime Band (& Pee Wee Moultrie)
03: Freight Train Blues
04: New San Antonio Rose
05: St. Louis Blues
06: Greenback Dollar
07: Lovesick Blues
08: Moanin' The Blues
09: There's A Bluebird On You Windowsill (Audrey)
10: ..Hank Talks About Infantile Paralyses
11: Help Me Understand (Hank & Audrey)
12: When God Dips His Love In My Heart