CAJUN BABY (Hank Williams/Hank Williams, Jr.) (Hank never recorded this song)
Bill Green
Blue Grass Boogiemen
Bob McKinley
Bobby Flores
Chuck Owens
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen
Commander Cody (live In NYC - May 25, 1974)
David Church
David Church (live Flag City Opry, Edna, TX - Dec. 15, 2009)
Doug Kershaw & Hank Williams, Jr.
Dusty Owens
Graham Fenton & The Western All-Stars
Hank Williams, Jr., MGM, 1969
Hank Williams, Jr. (instr.)
Louisiana Grass (live)
Mats Rådberg
White Sands Panhandle Band

Bob Bovee
Jimmy Jackson's Rock 'n' Skiffle
Karl Denver
Kip Overbo
Larry Sparks
Sydney Devine
Unknown (private recording)

CALLING YOU (Hank Williams)
Albert Babin, Gaie-T-Musique CWCD-841, 2005
Ben Forde
Billy Perkins
Blue Grass Boogiemen, Starsound
Born Bavarian, Devils Shitburner, 2004
Cats & The Fiddler
Cliff Waldron, 1976
Connie Smith, Columbia, 1975
Dan (private recording)
Darrell McCallum
Dave Travis, Saga
Delbert Barker, Big 4 Hits 77 (EP), 1954
Drifting Cowboys, Standing Stone SSDC 1234, 1979
Elastic No-No Band
George Hamilton IV (live), Lamon, 2012
Hank Williams, Jr., 1969
Hank's a lot (Ja så hør), KBL Music KBLCD0112, 2012 (Text in Norwegian)
Iron Horse, CMH
Jake Penrod, Landmark, 2009
Jim Murphy & The Pine Barons
Jim Wilkerson
Julie & Bernard, Bonanza B-29587, 1975 ( L'appel) (Text in French)
Lloyd Snow
Lower Lights, The
M. J. Nelson
Melancholy Ramblers, The
Mike Bravener, Socan 2012, 2013
Milton Estes, MGM, 1950
Morris Brothers
Peter Trenholm, PT 126
Ralph Stanley
Richard Bennett
Rubbernecks, The
Sacred Sounds Of Grass
Terry Rice, Dead Puppy
Tor, 2004
Weary Boys, The

COLD, COLD HEART (Hank Williams)
Ace Cannon, Hi, 1996
Acie Cargill & The Sunshine Band (feat. John Boner) (live)
Adam Wade, Coed
Al Caiola, UA
Al Shade, Aljean SAJ 103
Alabama Country Boys, The
Alabama Country Boys, The (live)
Alan Cook (instr. medley: Take These Chains From My Heart/You Win Again/Cold, Cold Heart/A Mansion On The Hill)
Andrews Sisters, Dot
Andy Tielman & The Tielman Brothers
Ann Williamson
Anna-Lena (So kalt wie eine Winternacht - text in German)
Anthony & Joseph (instr.)
Aretha Franklin
Arkey Blue
Arne Benoni
Arthur Blanch
Austin Stewart (instr.)
B. J. Thomas
Bap Kennedy, Lonely Street Discs, 1999
Barbara Pittman, Phillips Int. (Sun)
Barbara Pittman, Phillips Int. (Sun) (alternate version)
"Big" Bill Lister, 1998
Big Maybelle, Brunswick
"Big" Tiny Little (instr.)
Bill & Mary True, True Country Music
Bill Dudly, MMC 1717, 1972
Bill Frisell (instr.)
Bill Haley, WB, 1960
Billy Liebert, Capitol
Billy Mure (instr.), Sunset
Billy Robinson (instr.)
Billy Robinson (instr. medley: 4 non Hank songs + Cold, Cold Heart)
Billy Walker, Monument, 1968
Billy Walker, Tall Texan, 2001
Blue Grass Boogiemen, Starsound
Bob Jones, SpinORama
Bobby Hebb
Bobby Short, Argo
Bobby Sykes
Bobby Yates
Boxcar Willie
Boxcar Willie (live medley 1: Cold, Cold Heart/Take These Chains From My Heart/Half As Much/I Can't Help It/Your Cheatin' Heart/You Win Again/Lovesick Blues/Move It On Over + Wabash Cannon Ball)
Boxcar Willie (live medley 2: Cold, Cold Heart/Take These Chains From My Heart/Half As Much/I Can't Help It/Your Cheatin' Heart/You Win Again/Wedding Bells/Lovesick Blues/Move It On Over)
Brook Benton
Buck, Billo & Maxi (private recording - 2009)
Buddy Ebsen, Reprise
Buddy Emmons & Shot Jackson (instr.), K-Ark
Buddy Greco, Epic, 1965
Burl Ives, Decca
Buzz Busby & Friends (live 1967)
Carroll Baker
Casino Steel
Champ Butler
Charlie Feathers
Charlie McCoy (instr.), Monument, 1980
Charlie McCoy (instr.), Catbone, 2011
Charlie Rich, Hi, 1967
Chet Atkins (instr.), RCA, 1959
Chet Atkins & Boston Pops (instr.), RCA
Cheyenne Saucier
Chris Malpass & Don Helms
Cliffie Stone Singers, The, Capitol T 2159, 1964
Cloise & Harley Sinclair, Troubadour
Coleman O'Neal, King's Universal
Collin Raye
Colm Henry
Connie Francis, MGM, 1959
Connie Stevens, WB, 1962
Conway Twitty, Decca
Conway Twitty (medley: Cold, Cold Heart/I Can't Help It/You Win Again/They'll Never Take Her Love From Me/Wedding Bells/Take These Chains From My Heart/Your Cheatin' Heart)
Countdown Singers
Country Crusaders
Country Strings & Voices, The Longines Symphonette Society SYS 6093/LWS 1381, 1974
Crystal Clark
Curley Williams (released under many artist names), Modern
Danny Davis & The Nashville Brass, 1976
Danny Mote
Dave Sheriff
David Allan Coe, 1997
David Church, 2003
David Church (live, Texas)
David Hartley (instr.)
Dean Martin, 1963
Deans, The (medley: Hey, Good Lookin'/Settin' The Woods on Fire/Your Cheatin Heart/Cold, Cold Heart)
Defectives, The, Cacophone, 1998
Del Shannon, Amy, 1964
Delbert Barker, Kentucky 539, 1952
Demon Dylan (private recording)
Dennis Brown (private recording)
Dewitt Scott (instr.), Midland
Dewitt Scott (instr.), Checkmate, 1977 (medley: Cold, Cold Heart & Born To Lose)
Diamond Accordion Band, The (instr. medley: Cold, Cold Heart/You Win Again/Wedding Bells/Take These Chains From My Heart)
Dickson Hall & The Country All-Stars, Kapp (medley: Your Cheatin' Heart/Cold, Cold Heart)
Dinah Washington, Mercury, 1951
Dinah Washington
Don Cherry, Warwick
Don Gibson, Hickory, 1971
Don Helms (instr.), Smash MGS-27001/SRS-67001, 1962
Don Helms (live instr. 1968)
Don Helms (instr.), CPR, 1999
Don Williams, Pulse, 1999
Donald Peers
Donnie Lowell
Dortha Wright, Columbia
Dortha Wright (live, Town Hall Party - 1957)
Drifting Cowboys (instr.), MGM SE-4626, 1969
Drifting Cowboys (instr.), Standing Stone SSDC 1234, 1979
Drifting Cowboys, Look
Drifting Cowboys (instr.), Delta, 1981
Dunnell Lenort
Dustin Hunt
Dustin Hunt (live at Avoca Festival, Iowa - Aug., 2002 - private recording by Cactus Moon)
Dusty Owens
Eddie Dean, Design SDLP 89
Eddie Johnson, Chess, 1951
Eddy Arnold, RCA, 1956
Eileen Barton (radio - Nov. 8, 1951)
Eileen Wilson, Decca, 1951
Ernest Monias, Sunshine, 2003
Ernest Tubb & His Texas Troubadours, Decca (1st version), 1960
Ernest Tubb, Decca (2nd version)
Evan Platschinda
Faron Young
Faron Young & Ray Price
Fernand Gosselin, Gaie-T-Musique CWCD-843, 2005
First Ladies Of Jazz, The
Flamingokvintetten (Ditt stängda hjärtas port)
Floyd Cramer, RCA, 1962
Fontane Sisters with Mitchell Ayres & His Orchestra, RCA, 1951
Frank Arnett (instr.)
Frank Taylor, Savannah
Fred McKenna, Arc A/AS 711, 1966 (released as (Freddy McKenna)
Fred Waring & The Pennsylvanians (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Cold, Cold Heart/Kaw-Liga/Your Cheatin' Heart/Hey, Good Lookin')
Freddie King
Freddy Fender (Text in English)
Freddy Fender (Text in Spanish)
Freddy Fender (Tu Frio Corazon) (Text in Spanish & English)
G. Bush
G. Rag y Los Hermanos Patchekos
Gary Carpenter (instr.)
Gemma Vicens Band
Gene Parker (instr. medley: I Can't Help It/Cold, Cold Heart/Your Cheatin' Heart)
Gene Rockwell
Gene Simmons (instr.)
George Hamilton IV, ABC, 1958
George Jones (1)
George Jones (1 - dubbed)
George Jones (2)
George Jones & Jones Boys (Radio Jamboree 1963), UA, 1963
George Jones
George McCormick
George Rout (instr.)
Geronimo Treviño III (live medley: Cold, Cold Heart/Your Cheatin' Heart/I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)/Cold, Cold Heart)
Gilbert Ortega, LRJ
Glen Campbell, Capitol, 1973
Gram Parsons (1972 rehearsal)
Greg Hisky & His Dixie Whisky Boys (live)
Hank Craig, Universal
Hank Larry (instr.), Diplomat
Hank Locklin, RCA, 1964
Hank Thompson, WB
Hank Williams, Jr., MGM, 1963
Hank Williams, Jr. (1 - Your Cheatin' Heart Soundtrack), 1964
Hank Williams, Jr. (2 - Your Cheatin' Heart acoustic Soundtrack), 1964
Hank Williams, Jr. (acoustic), 1964
Hank's a lot (Sentrum i min borg), demo, 2007
Harley Allen
Harold Crosby (live)
Helen Merrill, Atlantic
Henry McCullough (instr.)
Homer & Jethro (Cold, Cold Heart #2), RCA, 1951
Honky Tonk Manifesto
Horace Henderson, Decca, 1951
101 Strings Orchestra (instr.), Alshire S-5013
Ink Spots, The
Isla Grant, I.G.E., 2008
Jack Scott, Top Rank RS-619, Recorded Jan. 27, 1960
Jake Penrod, Landmark, 2009
Jake Penrod (live)
James Darren
James 'Slim' Hand (live)
Jason Coleman (live instr. medley: Your Cheatin' Heart/Cold, Cold Heart/Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Hey, Good Lookin'/I Saw The Light)
Jason Hazelton (live Apr. 25, 2008 - private recording)
Jay Chevalier & The Louisiana Longshots (live), Freedom FD 4878, 1971
Jaye P. Morgan, MGM
Jean Stafford
Jeanne MacDonald (live)
Jerry Byrd (instr.)
Jerry Lee Lewis, Sun (Session 1), 1956/1957
Jerry Lee Lewis, Sun (Session 2 - takes 1-4 are lost), 1961
Jerry Lee Lewis, Sun 364 (Session 2 - take 5), 1961
Jerry Lee Lewis, Sun (Session 2 - take 5 - remix)
Jerry Lee Lewis & Orion, Sun (Session 2 - take 5 - overdubbed in the 1970s)
Jerry Lee Lewis, Smash/Mercury, 1969
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Keanesburg, NJ, USA (Show 3) - Jul. 5, 1962)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live in Brussels, BE - May 14, 1972)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Stockholm, SE - May 17, 1972)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Memphis, TN, USA - Aug. 14, 1972)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live medley, Mill Run Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA - Jul. 20, 1973: I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)/Cold, Cold Heart)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Copenhagen, DK - Feb. 23, 1977)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Palomino Club (Show 1), Hollywood, CA, USA - Jun. 18, 1979)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Palomino Club (Show 2), Hollywood, CA, USA - Jun. 18, 1979)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Palomino Club (Show 1), Hollywood, CA, USA - Jun. 19, 1979)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Frankfurt, DE - Apr. 16, 1982)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Colston Hall, Bristol, UK - Apr. 19, 1983)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, The Orchard, Dartford, UK - Apr. 8, 1985)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Palomino, Hollywood, CA, USA - Date unknown, 1985)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Gilley’s, Pasadena, TX, USA - Oct. 17, 1987)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Kongresshalle, Zurich, CH - Dec. 5, 1990)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA - Jan. 18, 1992)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, King's Hotel, Newport, Wales, UK - Mar. 12, 1993)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, The Forum, London, UK - Nov. 6, 1993)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Butlins, Pwhelli, Wales, UK - Apr. 17, 1994)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, South Shore Music Circus, Cohasset, MA, USA - Aug. 5, 1994)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Bally's Casino, Tunica, MS, USA - Sep. 3, 1994)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Bally's Casino, Tunica, MS, USA - Sep. 4, 1994)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA - Jul. 26, 1996)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Place unknown - Date unknown
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, No info)
Jess Hurt (instr.), Maple, 1980
Jim Hendricks (instr.), Green Hill GHD5596, 2009
Jim Owen, Gold 0102
Jim Wayne (private recording)
Jimmy Bowen & Santa Fe
Jimmy Day & His Buddies (instr.), Texas Musik
Jimmy Eaves
Jimmy Wakely, Shasta
Joan Barrett
Joanne Castle, Dot
Joe Barry, ABC-Dot, 1977
Joe Carl, Rocko, 1961
Joe Matheson, 2007
Joe Pass & Roy Clark (instr.), 1995
Joe Pass Quartet (instr.)
Joe Paul Nichols, Custom
Joey Bishop
John Gary, RCA
John Lott
John McSweeney (medley: Your Cheatin' Heart/Cold, Cold Heart/Half As Much)
John Prine & Steve Goodman (live medley: Hey, Good Lookin'/Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Your Cheatin' Heart/I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)/Lost Highway/Cold, Cold Heart/Mind Your Own Business/Settin' The Woods On Fire) (The Philadelphia Folk Festival - Apr. 7, 1973)
Johnny Adams
Johnny Cash (Take 1 - Sun rec. May 15, 1958), unissued
Johnny Cash (Take 2 - Sun rec. May 15, 1958), Charly Sun Box 103-5, 1984
Johnny Cash (Take 2 - Sun rec. May 15, 1958 - overdubbed May 27, 1958), Sun Int. SUN-122, 1970
Johnny Chester
Johnny Clark & His Diplomats, London EB 75, 1963
Johnny Duncan, Columbia/Lansdowne, 1958
Johnny Grand
Johnny Lee (medley: I Don't Think Hank Did It That Way/Cold, Cold Heart/Your Cheatin' Heart)
Johnny McEvoy, Hawk HALPX 130, 1974
Johnny Tillotson, MGM, 1964
Johnny "Guitar" Watson, King
Joni James, MGM
Jonny Williams
Joyce Paul, Dot
Jupiter Serenders, Hickory
Jussi Raittinen (1st version), Scandia, 1971
Jussi Raittinen (2nd version), AXR, 1993
Kai Hoffman
Kate Hammett-Vaughn
Kazuhiro Inaba, Copper Creek, 2003
Kazuhiro Inaba (live - solo)
Kitty Wells, Decca, 1961
Lacy J. Dalton, BSW, 2010
Larry Butler & Willie Nelson, Cowtown, 2000
Larry Darnell
Larry Sasser (instr.)
Lawrence Welk (instr.), Ranwood
Lee Mace's Ozark Opry (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Cold, Cold Heart/Your Cheatin' Heart/I Saw The Light)
Leon Collard, Spiral, ca. 1962
Leon Payne, Lang-Worth WES 79
Lewis Price (live Oct. 30, 2009 - private recording)
Little Enis (Carlos Toadvine)
"Little" Roy Wiggins, O'Brien
Lloyd Green (instr.), Midland, 1976
Lloyd Green & Tommy White (live instr.)
Los Tres Diamantes, RCA
Lou Roberts, Sounds of Memphis
Louis Armstrong, Decca, 1951
Louis Prima (live)
Louis Prima (medley: Cold, Cold Heart + 1 song)
Lucille & Bob Regan
Lucinda Williams, Uptown/Universal, 2001
Lucinda Williams (live)
Luke Gordon (live HW medley: Cold, Cold Heart + 9) (Town & Country Jamboree, WMAL TV - Dec. 31, 1955), World Artists WACD-102, 2004
Magic Time Travelers, The
Margaret Whiting, Dot
Marijohn Wilkin, Columbia, Recorded Jan. 20, 1960
Marty Gold & His Orchestra, RCA Victor LPM-3516, 1966
Mason Williams
Megan Sheehan, North Star, 2002
Melba Montgomery
Merle Kilgore (live medley: I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)/Cold, Cold Heart/Your Cheatin' Heart)
Midge Ure
Mike Bravener, Socan 2012, 2013
Mills Brothers, Dot
Mimi Martel, Tops, 1951
Moms & Dads, Cresendo
Nakagta (live medley: Lovesick Blues/Your Cheatin' Heart/Half As Much/Hey, Good Lookin'/Cold, Cold Heart/Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/I Saw The Light)
Nashville Session Singers
Nat 'King' Cole
Nick Curran & The Nitelifes
Nick Fiore, Bud Carney, Patty George & Travis Swackhammer (instr.)
Norah Jones, 2002
Norah Jones (live 1)
Norah Jones (live 2)
Norah Jones (live 3 - Paris, Jan. 24, 2007)
Norm Price
Norma Jean, Roma
Oliver Kane
Oneil Devost
P. K. Thompson & The Nashville Connection, Pickwick JS-6202, 1977
Pat Boone, Dot, 1958
Patrick Norman, Dep, 2010
Patti McKinnon
Patty Loveless
Pee Wee Clark (instr.), Hadley HLP-1297, 1986
Pete Anderson
Pete King Chorale, The, Kapp KS 3186, 1960
Peter Layton
Peter Posa (instr. medley: A Mansion On The Hill/Take These Chains From My Heart/Cold, Cold Heart/I Can't Help It)
Peter Trenholm, PT, 2006
Peter Trenholm (live)
Petula Clark
Quebe Sisters Band
Quebe Sisters Band (live)
Ragnar I. Vik, The Orchard, 2000
Raul Malo
Ray Kernaghan
Ray Price, Columbia
Ray Price, ABC-Dot, 1964
Redd Stewart, Hickory
Reg Lindsay
Rick Alexander & Red Kilby (live)
Riffing Cowboys, The, 2011
Roberta Sherwood, Decca
Robin & Linda Williams
Rock Gunter (Sid ‘Hardrock’ Gunter) (instr.), Heather LSG 172, 1972
Roger Williams, Kapp
Roka-Billys, The
Ronnie Hawkins, Roulette, 1960
Rosita y Laura (Tu Helado Corazon) (Text in Spanish)
Roy & The Kiliaan Brothers
Roy Acuff, Hickory LPS-134, Recorded ca. Jun. 1966
Roy Drusky
Roy Orbison, MGM, 1970
Roy Rogers, 20th Century
Rusty Draper, Mercury, 1960
"Rusty" Harris & His Six Shooters, Promenade
Rusty Rogers
S. E. Willis
Sang It To Me (private recording)
Sarah Jory (1 - instr.)
Sarah Jory (2 - instr.)
Scott & Gerald Delhunty (medley: May You Never Be Alone/Cold, Cold Heart/I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)/You Win Again/They'll Never Take Her Love From Me/May You Never Be Alone/Wedding Bells/Take These Chains From My Heart/Your Cheatin' Heart)
Scotty Anderson, 2003
Sean Wilson
Seven Kings
Shelby & Linda Stephenson, Oasis, 1997
Sheltons, The
Shot Jackson & Bob Lucier (instr.)
Sivert Bjørdal, SB, 2006
Slim Fenton
Smoky Dawson & Jimmy Barnes
Sneezy Waters, 1981
Sonny James, Capitol, 1957
Sons of the Pioneers, RCA, 1964
Spencer Bohren, Valve, 2010
Spike Jones, Liberty LST-7401, 1964
Spinney Brothers, The
Stiff Richards
Stonewall Jackson, Columbia, 1969
Teddy Booth (instr.)
Tennessee Ernie Ford, Capitol, 1961
Terry White, Rarity-Records, 2000
Tillman Franks Singers, The, Hilltop JM 6019, 1964
Tom Brumley (instr. medley: A Mansion On The Hill/Cold, Cold Heart & I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
Tom Houston Orchestra (instr.)
Tom Phillips, Ruby Moon
Tommy Hunter
Tommy McLain
Tony Bennett, Columbia, 1951
Tony Bennett & Tim McGraw, 2006
Tony Browne (instr. medley: A Mansion On The Hill/Cold, Cold Heart)
Tony Fontane & o/Lew Douglas, Mercury, 1951
Unknown (male singer)
Unknown (male singer), Alshire
Unknown (male singer), Hits Doctor Music, 2007
Vejerian Bad Boy Band
Vernon Harnel, Lescay
Vernon Oxford, Meteor
Vicky Richmond
Wanda Jackson, Capitol, 1964
Waylon Jennings, WJ, 1996
Wayne Phillips
Whitey Colyer & The Blue Ridge Partners, Zap SLP-106, 1970
Wilbert Harrison
Willie Nelson, 1995

Answer song to "Cold, Cold Heart":
MY COLD, COLD HEART IS MELTED NOW (Johnny Masters/Hank Williams)
Kitty Wells, Decca, 1953

COUNTRYFIED (Hank Williams) (Hank never recorded this song)
'Big' Bill Lister, Capitol F1551, 1951 - ORIGINAL, first on wax
'Big' Bill Lister (live 1998)
Buddy Ebsen, Reprise
Durango & Friends, H-A-N-K JPS 777
Frank Taylor, Savannah

COWBOYS DON'T CRY (Hank Williams/Mickey Newbury) (Hank never recorded this song)
Waylon Jennings (performed on a television special)

CRAZY HEART (Fred Rose/Maurice Murray)
Andrew Bishop, Envoi, 2007
Bill Dudly, MMC 1717, 1972
Billy Grammer, Decca
Bob Sandy, Tops, 1951
Bobby Bare, RCA
Bobby Mack, B-Mack, 1958
Charlie Feathers
Cowboy Copas, King
Curley Williams (released under many artist names), Modern
Danny Davis, MGM K11103, 1951
Dark Hollow Bluegrass Band
David Church (live, Texas)
David Church, 2009
Dead Ringer Band, EMI, 1998
DeAnna Cox, Rustic, 2008
Del McCoury
Delbert Barker, Big 4 Hits 81 (EP), 1954
Dick Curless, 1995
Don Gibson, Hickory, 1971
Echo Mountain
Ernest Tubb, Decca
Frank Buchanan & Raymond Fairchild
Frankie Carle, RCA, 1951
Girls Guns & Glory (live, The Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA - Jan, 1, 2013)
Greg Hisky & His Dixie Whisky Boys (live)
Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians, Decca, 1951
Hank Williams, Sr. & Hank Williams, Jr. (dubbed), MGM, 1965
Hank Williams III (live at Montgomerey Civic Center, Montgomery, Alabama - Sep. 15, 1995)
Helen O'Connell & Cliffie Stone, Capitol, 1951
Jack MacNab
Jack Scott, Top Rank
Jackie Paris, Coral
James King
Jerry Lee Lewis, Sun (Session 1 - take 1), 1958
Jerry Lee Lewis, Sun (Session 1 - take 2), 1958
Jerry Lee Lewis, Sun (Session 1 - take 3), 1958
Jerry Lee Lewis, Sun (Session 1 - take 4), 1958
Jerry Lee Lewis, Sun (Session 2), 1958
Jim Owen
Larry Darnell
Larry Ford Bluegrass Band
Leon Payne, Long-Worth Transcriptions
Lonesome River Band
Norman Wade, Jin
Old 15 South
Perly Curtis, Paradice
Reg Lindsay
Roy Acuff, Hickory
Sons of Pioneers, RCA
Spencer Bohren, Valve, 2010
Stonewall Jackson, 1971
Stormy Mountain Boys
Terry White, Rarity-Records, 2000
Tony Fontane, Mercury, 1951
Unknown (private recording)
Zeb Turner, King, 1951