JAMBALAYA (On The Bayou) (Hank Williams)
Aaron Foret
Accordion Devil (instr.)
AccordionMan (instr.)
Ace Cannon (instr.)
Acoustic Sound Orchestra (instr.)
Adam & die Micky's (Himalaja, Arm un Zwern)
Addi's Skiffle Company
Adventures, The
Agaton Band
Aime Barelli & His Orchestra (instr.)
Al Caiola (instr.)
Alain Debray (instr.)
Aldus Roger
All-American Boys Chorus
Allan Gardiner's Accordion Band (instr.)
Allen Fontenot & His Country Cajuns (instr.)
Almost Heaven
Amanda Shaw
Amarillo Country Duo
Ames Brothers, RCA
Anders H. Bakke (instr.)
Andre Hamel (Text in French)
Andre Kostelanetz (instr.)
Andrea Rice
Andy Charet
Andy Lee Lang (live)
Andy Pedro
Anita Olsson (instr.)
Ann Breen
Anna Jantar
Annabel (Ik lust geen slaai), MultiMusic
Anne Kirkpatrick (live)
Anne Mattila (Text in Finnish)
Annie Leclerc (Text in French)
Anthony Ventura (instr.)
Arena Twins, Kapp
Armand Mestral
Art Wallman
Asleep At The Wheel (live)
Audrey Williams (live 1964)
Auke vs Peter Loree & Ski-J Michel
Austin Kelley & Floyd Cramer
Axel Becker
Ayako Takagi (instr.)
B. Olewicz (Text in Polish)
Backporch Band
Bad Boys (as part of medley)
Banana Airlines (Jompalaya) (Text in "Norwegian" & English - and also mentions Merle and Hank)
Band Road
Banda Monumental (Text In Spanish)
Banda Sayonara
Banks & Shane (live)
Barbara Ray
Barcelona Ballroom Orchestra
Barry Carter (instr.)
Bart Hopkin (instr.)
Basin Street Six, Mercury
Baton Rouge Cajun Allstars
Bayou Tech Band
BCB Band (private recording)
Before I Hang, Devils Shitburner, 2004
Ben Rudnick & Friends (live, Lexington)
Bernard Marly & His Orchestra (Text in French)
Bernard Purdie (live)
Berni Flint (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 3 songs)
Bertrand Daraiche (Text in French)
"Big" Bill Lister, 1998
"Big" Tiny Little (instr.)
Bill Nauman
Bill Vlasak (instr.)
Bill Weston & His Happy Rangers (live)
Billy Don Burns, Gypsy Woman
Billy Mure (instr.), Sunset
Billy Walker, Harmony, 1961
Billy White
Black & White, Manhattan, 1974
Black Cat Bone Blues Band
Blue Border Boys (live)
Blue Grass Boogiemen, Starsound
Blue Orleans Jazz Band (live)
Blue Ridge Rangers (John Fogerty), Fantasy, 1973
Blue Ridge Strangers
Blueberry Grunt
Blueberry Hill & Sheila G. White (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 3 non Hank songs)
Bluegrass Stringbenders
Bob Everhart
Bob Everhart (live)
Bob Jones, SpinORama
Bob Lowder
Bob Schoen
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (vcl. Louise Rowe) (live on radio KXLA, Pasadena, CA - Jan. 20, 1953)
Bobby Angel
Bobby Atkins & The Countrymen (instr.)
Bobby Bare (live in Norway, 1964)
Bobby Bare (live in Sweden, 1964)
Bobby Blue, Liberty
Bobby Comstock & The Counts, Atlantic
Bobby Crush (instr.)
Bobby Georges (live)
Bobby Mizzell
Bobby Price
Boere Country
Boilermaker Jazz Band, The
Bonne Musique Zydeco
Bonnie Sheridan, A&M
Boots Randolph, Monument, 1974
Boots Randolph & Richie Cole (instr.), Laserlight, 1992
Borntoolates (live)
Boxcar Willie
Boxcar Willie (live)
Brasilera (Text In Portuguese)
Brenda Lee, Decca, 1956
Brenda Lee (live radio)
Brenda Lee (live 1)
Brenda Lee (live 2)
Brenda Lee (live 3)
Brenda Lee
Brenda Lee (digital re-recording)
Brenda Lee (live medley 1: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 3 non Hank songs)
Brenda Lee (live medley 2: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 5 non Hank songs)
Brian Hyland
Brita Koivunen, Scandia, 1959 (Text in Finnish)
Bruce Springsteen & Max Weinberg 7 (live, Convention Hall, Ashbury Park, NJ - Dec. 18, 2000)
Buck Norris (of the BCB Band - live, private recording)
Buckwheat Zydeco
Buddy Greco, Epic, 1965
Buddy Merrill (instr.)
Buddy Williams
Bunch, The
Burgundia Jazzband
Butterflies (live)
C. J. Chenier & The Red Hot Louisiana Band (live)
Cacka Israelsson (Text in Swedish)
Cactus Country Band
Cagey Strings
Cajun Coons
Cajun Playboys, The
Camarata, Brunswick
Canadysli Toronto (live instr.)
Canyon Band
Carl Perkins (live, UK - 1964)
Carl Perkins (live at Gilley's)
Carlettes (1)
Carlettes (2)
Carlinhos Borba Gato (live)
Carlos Segarra, AZ, 2000
Carol Black
Carpenters, A&M, 1973
Carpenters Orkestband
Carrie Benn
Casual Balance
Cei Membrane (live)
Chantal Boucher (Text in French)
Chantal Hamel (Text in French)
Charlie Carson
Charlie McCoy (with Jett Williams), Catbone, 2011
Charlie Saliba
Charlie Walker (live), Epic
Chatelaine (Text in French)
Chet Atkins & Hank Snow (instr.)
Choo Choo Charlie Williams & The Spitfires
Choppes Countrymen
Chris Barber Jazz & Blues Band (live)
Chris Belleau & The Zydeco Hounds
Chris Gray
Chris Rybak
Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown
Clark Richard
Claude Martel (Text in French)
Claudiu Alzner & Orchester (instr.)
Cliff Parman, Time
Cliff Richard & Shona Lang (live)
Cliffie Stone Singers, The, Capitol T 2159, 1964
Clifton Chenier
Clifton Chenier (live 1975), Arhoolie, 1975
Colin Hicks, 1958
Collette & Jivebeat Country
Columbia Ballroom Dance Orchestra (instr.)
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen (live)
Connie Kis Andersen
Connie Stevens, WB
Connie Stevens (album version), WB, 1962
Conny Schulz
Conrad Stephane (Text in French)
Conway Twitty & His Lonely Blue Boys, Decca
Cool Candys (instr.)
Copper Box
Corazon Pantera (Text in Spanish)
Corpus Christi & Sam Crawford
Countdown Country Kids
Countdown Singers
Country All-Stars
Country Blues Session Band
Country Boys, The (instr.)
Country Collection, Dance Plant, 2006
Country Crusaders
Country Express, EMI, 1977
Country Features (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 3 none Hank songs)
Country Fetenmix (as part of medley)
Country Fried (live at The Brewery)
Country Revival Farmers, The
Country Road Band, The (Jambalaya Dance)
Country Roads
Country Rock Party
Country Sisters (live)
Country Sisters (live in Zürich)
Country Strings & Voices, The Longines Symphonette Society SYS 6093/LWS 1381, 1974
Covertones (instr.)
Cowboy Waltz
Coyote Dax (Text in Spanish)
Craig County Boys
Crazy Coons (not a real medley, but more like a disco mix)
Crazy Heart
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Creole Sunshine Jazz Band
Cross Road (demo)
Curley Williams (released under many artist names), Modern
Curtis Alexander
Daddy Cool (live)
Damita Jo
Dan Hannigan
Dance Music
Daniel Farah (Text in French)
Daniel Lanois (live)
Daniel O'Donnell (live at the Opry)
Danny, Scandia, 1964
Danny & The Islanders
Danny Davis & The Nashville Brass (1 - instr.), RCA
Danny Davis & The Nashville Brass (2 - instr.)
Dash Rip Rock (live 1)
Dash Rip Rock (live 2)
Dave Clavner, Imperial, 1952
Dave Mathewson
Dave MacLean & Montana Country
Dave Sheriff w/Paul Bailey
Dave Travis (as Tex Williams & The Sundowners), Deacon, 1970
David Church, 2003
Davis Sisters, The (live), 1952-53
De Fiesta's
De Kermisklanten (instr.)
De Romantica's (instr.)
Dean Armstrong & The Arizona Dance Hands
Dean Martin & Bobbi Martin (live)
Dee Lemley
Del McCoury Band & The Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Delbert Barker, Gateway Series 9019 (EP), 1956
Denis Sembach (instr. medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + unknown song(s))
Dennis Brown (private recording)
Dennis Gruenling & Richard Sleigh
Diamonds (live)
Diana (Text in Portuguese)
Dick Rivers (Text in French)
Dickey Betts & Vassar Clements (live)
Dickson Hall, Kapp
Die Campbells
Die Grazy Berg Buam
Die Rancher (Text in German)
Dirty Cabin Boy
Disco Clepisco Dance Band (instr.)
Django Jack Country-Band
Don Helms (instr.), Smash MGS-27001/SRS-67001, 1962
Don M. Monty
Don Pittman (instr.)
Don Simmons Oaks Park Wurlitzer (instr.)
Don Williams, Pulse, 1999
Don Winters (live, Grand Ole Opry), AFRS V-Disc 444A
Don Winters (live)
Don Winters & The Winters Brothers Band (live, Creekers Ball - May 25, 1986)
Doreen's Jazz New Orleans
Doug Fieger
Doug Kershaw
Doug Kershaw (album version)
Doug Kershaw (live)
Doug Sahm & All Stars (live)
Dr. John
Dr. Mojo
Drifting Cowboys, Standing Stone SSDC 1234, 1979
Drifting Cowboys, Look
Drifting Cowboys (instr.), Delta, 1981
Dukes of Dixieland
Dukes of Dixieland & Oak Ridge Boys (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 2 non Hank songs)
Dukes of Rhythm, The
Duranguense Latino
Dustin Hunt
Dusty Owens
Dwayne Dopsie & Zydeco Hellraisers (live)
Dwight Yoakam (live)
Dzo Maracic-Maki (Text in Croatian)
Easy Riders Jazz Band with Kid Thomas (live - 1967)
Ed & The Gators
Ed Dye (live)
Edith Butler (live) (Text in French)
Eddy Raven & Jo-El Sonnier
Eddy Smets
Edmundo Ross
El Morro (Text in Spanish)
Elder Barber (Text in Spanish)
Elderly People Crossing
Electronic Organ (instr.)
Elevator Troubadours, The
Elvis Presley, RCA
Elvis T. Busboy & The Blues Butchers
Emanuel Paul & Capt'n John Handy
Emmylou Harris, Reprise
Emmylou Harris (live 1)
Emmylou Harris (live 2)
Emmylou Harris (live Marin County Bluegrass Festival, Golden State College, San Rafael, CA - Jul. 27-28, 1974)
Emmylou Harris (live New Victoria Theatre, London, UK - Nov., 1975)
Emmylou Harris (live Washington DC, MD - 1976)
English Guys
Enoch Light, Prom, 1952
Enoch Light Big Band
Enubio Queiroz
Eri Chiemi Eri Chiemi (Text in English & Japanese)
Eric Blanchard
Erik Holdtgaard
Erik Silvester (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 1 non Hank song) (Text in German)
ERNB (Text in German)
Erni Bieler (Text in German)
Errol Dixon (live)
Escorpiones de DGO
Evan Johns & Bubba Coon
Eve & Julika
Fabulous Treniers, The (live)
Faby (Text in French)
Familia Lima (live)
Farmers Best Dixie Corporation (live instr.)
Fats Domino, Imperial
Fats Domino (live)
Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis & Ray Charles (feat. Ron Wood) (live)
Fats Hagen
Filippo Carletti y Su Quinteto (Text in Spanish)
Firewood Revival (live)
Flaming Stars
Flash 5
Floyd Cramer (version 1), RCA Victor
Floyd Cramer (version 2), RCA Victor
Floyd Cramer (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Why Don't You Love Me/Move It On Over/Long Gone Lonesome Blues), RCA Victor
Foster & Allen, 2007
Four Hits, Ace Hi, 1952
Four Lovers (feat. Frankie Valli), RCA Victor 47-6646, 1956
Frances Wayne & Neal Hefti
Francis (live) (Text in French)
Frank Chacksfield Orchestra
Frank Torres (with Big Bill Lister)
Frank Vivian, Polly
Frankie Brent (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 1 none Hank song)
Frankie Laine
Franny & The Fireball's
Franz Lambert (instr.)
Franz Lambert (as part of instr. medley)
Fred Bertelmann (Text in German)
Fred Waring & The Pennsylvanians (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Cold, Cold Heart/Kaw-Liga/Your Cheatin' Heart/Hey, Good Lookin')
Freddy Della (instr.)
Freddy Della (live)
Freddy Fender (Text in English & Spanish)
Freddy Fender (live) (Text in English & Spanish)
Freddy Quinn, Success, 1992
Freddy Quinn
Freddy Quinn & Truck Stop (live)
Frenchie Burke
Fun Country Band
Førslev Spillemænd
Gaiteiro Murrinha (Text in Spanish)
Garth Bourne
Gary Morse (instr.)
Gary Rice
Gary Tesca Orchestra (instr.)
Gator Beat
Gaynor Ellen
Gee Gee & Soluna (live, Bergen, Norway)
Geir Ødegården
Gene Stevens (live)
George Canyon (live)
George Freedman
George Hamilton IV
George Jones (1st version)
George Jones (2nd version)
George Jones & Lacy J. Dalton (live)
George Lewis & Easy Riders Jazz Band
George Lewis & His Jazz Men
George Lewis (live instr.)
George McCormick
Georges Delerue
Georgia Gibbs
Gerd Böttcher (Jambolaya - text in German)
Gerhard Wendland (Jambolaya - text in German)
Gerry & The Pacemakers, Laurie, 1963
Gerry Butler (instr.)
Gerry Reeves (instr.)
Gina Forsy & Waylon Thibodeaux
Girls Guns & Glory (live, Rocksound, Barcelona, Spain - Feb. 12, 2012)
Girls Guns & Glory (live, Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA - Jun. 29, 2012)
Girls Guns & Glory (live, Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid, Spain - Dec. 4, 2012)
Girls Guns & Glory (live, Jerry Jam, Dodge Farm, Bath, NH - 2013)
Girls Guns & Glory (live, The Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA)
Girls Guns & Glory (live)
Golden Guitar Melodies (instr.)
Grat Fils (Séga Jambalaya) (Text in French & English)
Gray Ghost
Greensky Bluegrass (live, Wonder Ballroom, Portland, Oregon - Mar. 11, 2011)
Greg Harris
Greg Hisky & His Dixie Whisky Boys (live)
Groovy Greasebags, The
Grupo Haynak
Gunn Heidi Larsen (Styla Lada), Kirkelig Kulturverksted, 1995 (Text in Norwegian)
Guy & Ralna, Ranwood
Guylaine Tanguay (Text in French & English)
H. J. Kuntry (live)
Hagers, Mumford
Hal Smith's Creole Sunshine Jazz Band
Handpicked (live)
Hank & The Cowhands (demo)
Hank Locklin, RCA
Hank Williams, Jr., MGM, 1963
Hank Williams, Jr. (1 - Your Cheatin' Heart Soundtrack)
Hank Williams, Jr. (2 - Your Cheatin' Heart Soundtrack)
Hank Williams, Jr. (3 - Your Cheatin' Heart acoustic Soundtrack)
Hank Williams, Jr. (live), MGM, 1969
Hank Williams, Jr. (medley: Why Don't We All Get A Long Neck/Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
Hank Williams, Jr. & Hunter Hayes (live)
Hank Williams III (1 - live at Montgomerey Civic Center, Montgomery, Alabama - Sep. 15, 1995)
Hank Williams III (2 - live at Schoeneck County Fair, Schoeneck, PA - Jul. 17, 1999)
Hans Knudsen Jump Band
Harald Winkler (instr.)
Harry Connick, Jr.
Harvey Reid & Joyce Andersen
Hawaii Romantic Guitar (instr.)
Helmut aus Mallorca
Henk Wijngaard (live)
Henry Jerome, Decca
Highpoint Bros. (live instr.)
Hiser Brothers, The
Ho'aikane (medley: Jambalaya + 2 non Hank songs)
Hog Wild
Holly, Fredlo master
Holly Dunn
Homer & Jethro (Jam-Bowl-Liar), RCA, 1952
Hot 8 Brass Band
Hoyt Axton, Capitol, 1971
Huey 'Piano' Smith
Hugo Strasser & Big Band (as part of instr. medley)
Hugues Aufray (Text in French)
101 Strings Orchestra (instr.), Alshire S-5013
Hunter Hayes
Hurricanes (live)
Instrumental Orchestra, The
Ira Ironstrings (instr.), WB, 1960
Iris DeMent (live)
Iris Dement (live in Bergen, Norway)
Isidore 'Tuts' Washington (instr.)
J. R.
J. Stanton, Tops, 1952
Jaap Dekker (instr.)
Jaap Dekker (as part of instr. medley)
Jack's Electronic Organ (instr.)
Jackie Coon (instr.)
Jackie Joslin
Jacques Hélian & Lou Darley (Text in French)
Jad Fair
Jake Penrod, Landmark, 2009
Jambalaya Cajun Band
James Last & Choir (as part of live medley) (Text in German)
Jane Hawley, Ruby Moon
Jani Laukkanen
Jani Uhlenius, Love Records, 1972
Janssen Jones & Bloomingtones
Jantje Smit (Text in Dutch)
Jarno Sarjanen (1st version), Snap
Jarno Sarjanen (2nd version), Oodi, 1985
Jarno Sarjanen (Text in Finnish) - one of the above versions
Jason Coleman (live instr. medley: Your Cheatin' Heart/Cold, Cold Heart/Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Hey, Good Lookin'/I Saw The Light)
Jason Hazelton (live Jun. 20, 2008 - private recording)
Jason Petty (Lost Highway Original Cast Recording)
Jason Petty, Sony, 2009
Jay Chevalier & The Louisiana Longshots (live), Freedom FD 4878, 1971
Jazz Five
Jaakko Salo, Scandia, 1957
Jean-Guy Latour (instr.)
Jean Shepard
Jeanette La Tyrolienne
Jed Smith
Jeff Healey
Jeffrey Nevara
Jensens New Orleans Jazzband
Jerry Dixie
Jerry Lee Lewis, Sun SLP-1230, 1958
Jerry Lee Lewis, Sun (overdubbed with additional instr.), 1958
Jerry Lee Lewis, Smash/Mercury, 1969
Jerry Lee Lewis (live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA - May 22, 1970)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Attica, IN, USA - Jul. 18, 1971)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Memphis, TN, USA - Aug. 14, 1972)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Paris, FR - Feb. 28, 1977)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Hamburg (Show 2), DE - Mar. 11, 1977)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Birmingham (Show 1), UK - Nov. 20, 1978)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Farnworth, UK - Apr. 21, 1983)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Niles, IL, USA - Apr. 22, 1984)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Crown Inn, Warrenpoint, IE - Jul. 2, 1993)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, The Grand, London, UK - Nov. 5, 1993)
Jerry Lee Lewis & Jo-El Sonnier (live, 40th Anniversary Show, Peabody Hotel, Memphis, TN, USA - Apr. 28, 1996)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, Gruene Hall, New Braunfels, TX, USA - May 3, 1996)
Jerry Lee Lewis (live, 66th Birthday Show Holiday Inn, Memphis, TN, USA - Sep. 29, 2001)
Jerry Lee Lewis (with Willie Nelson) (live, TV special GREAT PERFORMANCES (outtakes), New York, NY, USA - Sep. 29, 2006)
Jesse Colin Young, WB, 1973
Jesse Colin Young (medley: 1 song + Jambalaya (On The Bayou))
Jesse Winchester
Jesse Winchester (live)
Jesse Winchester (live)
Jets, The (live 1972)
Jett Williams, JW, 1996
Jett Williams, Foundation/Wea Corp.
Jheena Lodwick
Jim Hendricks (instr.), CMD/Spring Hill 555962, 2009
Jim King
Jim Morrison
Jim Owen, Gold 0102
Jim Owen & The Drifting Cowboys
Jimmy & The Parrots
Jimmy Archey & Crescent City Crescents (instr.)
Jimmy Beasley, Modern
Jimmy Bock (live)
Jimmy Boyd, Dot, 1960
Jimmy Buffett (as part of live medley)
Jimmy C. Newman (1st version), MGM
Jimmy C. Newman (2nd version)
Jimmy Eaves
Jimmy Lawton
Jimmy Reid & The Mississippi Valley Boys, Colsam 101, 1965
Jimmy Richardson, Boots Randolph & Hank Garland (instr.), Starday
Jimmy Selph, Rosemay, 1952
Jimmy Thibodeaux
Jo Stafford, Columbia, 1952
Jo Stafford
Jo-El Sonnier
Jo-El Sonnier (instr.)
Jo-El Sonnier & Amos Garret House Band (live in Canada), Stony Plain, 1996
Jo-El Sonnier (instr. medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 1 none Hank song)
João Balaio (Text in Portuguese)
Joe Loss & His Orchestra (instr.)
Joe Matheson, 2007
Joe Murphy
Joe Pass & Roy Clark (instr.), 1995
Joe Pass Quartet (instr.)
Joe Penny
Joe Stanley
Joe Wright (instr.)
Joey Miskulin (as part of instr. medley)
John Brack (Text in German & English)
John Deer
John Fogerty (as Blue Ridge Rangers), Fantasy, 1973
John Fogerty (live, Melbourne, AU - Nov. 19, 1998)
John Fogerty (live, Scandinavia Tour 2)
John Fogerty (live, Stockholm, SE)
John Greer
John Lott
John Mill (instr.)
John Mooney (live, New Orleans Jazz Fest - Apr. 25, 1998)
John Potter
John Prine (live medley: Hey, Good Lookin' + Jambalaya (On The Bayou))
John Prine & Steve Goodman (live medley: Hey, Good Lookin'/Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Your Cheatin' Heart/I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)/Lost Highway/Cold, Cold Heart/Mind Your Own Business/Settin' The Woods On Fire) (The Philadelphia Folk Festival - Apr. 7, 1973)
Johnny & The Parrots
Johnny Blenco (Text in Dutch)
Johnny Clark & His Diplomats, London EB 75, 1963
Johnny Copeland
Johnny Dowd (Hell Or High Water)
Johnny Duncan, Columbia/Lansdowne, 1958
Johnny Duncan (live at The Nashville Room, London, UK), Decca, 1973
Johnny Horton (live at the Louisiana Hayride)
Johnny Jambalaya
Johnny McEvoy, Hawk HALPX 130, 1974
Johnny Miller
Johnny Nelson & Band (live medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 5 rock'n'roll songs)
Johnny Parker, Contempo
Johnny Rodriguez (live)
Johnny Russel
Jolly Jazz Orchestra (live)
Joni James, MGM
Jonno & Bayou DeVille (live)
Jonny Hill (Text in Dutch)
Joy Boys (instr.)
Joyce Smith
Joyce Zind
Joyful Harps (instr.)
Juanita du Plessis
Jug Scott, Design DLP-24
Juha Eirto, Decca, 1956
Jukka Raitanen, Rondo, 1979
Julie & Paul Daraiche (live) (Text in French)
Julie Daraîche (Les Daraîche)
Julie Guravich
June Pasher, Arc 518, 1961
Jussi Raittinen, Scandia, 1971 (Text in Finnish)
K. Kastel (instr.)
K-Paz de la Sierra (live)
Kai Warner (instr.)
Kapela Weselna (Text in Polish)
Karl Schmidt Big Band with unknown female singer
Katie Webster (live at the Be-Bop Bar, Paris, FR - Nov. 23, 1987)
Kazuhiro Inaba
Kazuhiro Inaba with Alisa & Leo (live)
Keith Frank & The Soileau Zydeco Band
Keith Magel
Kelso Herston, Time
Ken Colyer Jazzmen
Kenneth Swanström, Jamboree, 1976
Kenny (private recording)
Kenny Baker Five, The (instr.)
Kenny Maines, Caldwell/Maines, 2006
Kenny Rogers (not the famous one)
Kent Ingelsson (instr.)
Kevin Shegog
Kid Bastien's Happy Pals
Kid Ory & His Creole Jazz Band
Killer Dwarfs
Kim Carson & Band (live 2007)
Kim McLean
King Brothers
Kinky Friedman (live 1)
Kinky Friedman (live 2)
Kinky Friedman (live From The Lone Star Cafe)
Kip Overbo
Kirdy (Hallo schat ga je mee naar de disco) (Text in Dutch)
Kitty Wells, Decca, 1960
Kjell Andersson
Klaus Hallen Tanzorchester
Knut T. Storbukås (aka Sputnik) (Text in Norwegian)
Kork (live)
Kristian Klarvand (live)
La Maquina de Villa
La Rockabilera Del Sur, 2005
Lacassine Special
Lacy J. Dalton, BSW, 2010
Lafayette (Text in Creole)
Lance Clark (instr.)
Laptop Randy
Larry Butler & Willie Nelson, Cowtown, 2000
Larry Lowman & Asa Branca
Lars Karlsson
Lasse Stefanz, Warner, 2009
Laure Lynn Hayes, Rimrock RS 306
Lawmen, The
Lazy Horse & Loudermount Netty
Lazy Lester (live instr.)
Lea Laven (1st version), Bluebird, 1989 (Text in Finnish)
Lea Laven (2nd version), Bluebird, 1990
Led Loader & The Barrels
Lee Benoit
Lee Jackson
Lee Lemley (Jam-Ba-Laya)
Lee Mace's Ozark Opry (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Cold, Cold Heart/Your Cheatin' Heart/I Saw The Light)
Left On Lonely
Len Hughes & Akos Stefi (feat. Martiny Ens), Qualiton HLP 161
Leo Kottke (as part of instr. medley)
Leo Thomas
Leon McAuliffe (instr.), Starday
Leon Payne
Leon Russell
Leon Russell & The Newgrass Revival (live)
Leroy Van Dyke (medley: Your Cheatin' Heart & Jambalaya (On The Bayou))
Les Getrex
Les Haricots Sont Pas Sales
Les Humphries Singers, The (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 2 none Hank songs)
Les Jérolas (Text in French)
Lester Lanin & His Orchestra (with chorus vcl.), Epic, 1963
Lillian Askeland & Country Snakes, 1976 (Text in Norwegian)
Lina Primard (Text in French)
Lindsay Butler (instr.)
Lindsay Mendez
Lino Patruno (instr.)
Lisa Ono, EMI, 2007
'Little' Jimmy Dickens, Columbia, 1957
Live Bait
Lloyd Green (instr.), Monument
Lloyd Green & Pete Wade (instr.), MGM, 1970
London Starlight Orchestra (instr.)
London Symphonic Orchestra (instr.)
London Wind Orchestra, The (instr.)
Los Felinos (1) (Text in Spanish)
Los Felinos (2) (Text in Spanish)
Los Grandes de Durango
Los Hermanos Vega
Los Patrulleros
Los Pentagonos (instr.)
Los Sirex (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 5 none Hank songs)
Los Supersonicos (Text In Spanish)
Los Terribles De Tijuana
Los Tequila Sharks
Louis Monic
Louise Morrissey
Louisiana Aces, Philo
Louisiana Grass
Louisiana Shakers (instr.)
Lucienne Delyle
Lucinda Williams, Folkways, 1979
Lucky Lips (live)
Lucky Nugget Stampede (Text in Japanese)
Lucky Star (Text in Croatian)
Ludwigs Dixieland Jazzband (live instr.)
Luke Gordon (live on Don Owens' Jamboree, WTTG TV - 1959), World Artists WACD-105, 2005
Luke Simmons & His Blue Mountain Boys
Luna & The Lun-A-Tics
M. A. Numminen (instr.)
Mac Taple (live)
Mack Manuel, Jesse Lege & The Lake Charles Ramblers
Mack Smith
Magic Organ (instr.)
Manon Bédard (Text in French)
Manuel Family Cajun Band (Text in Creole & English)
Mar y los Tex
Marc Taynor
Margie Singleton (live)
Maria Weir Werth
Mariachis de Durango (Text in Spanish)
Marie-Éve & Châtelaine (as part of medley) (Text in French)
Marija "Muska" Babitzin, Love Records, 1973 (Text in Finnish)
Mark Taynor (instr. medley: 1 + Jambalaya (On The Bayou))
Martijn Schok Boogie & Blues Band (live)
Marty Davis
Marty Gold & His Orchestra, RCA Victor LPM-3516, 1966
Marty Robbins (live)
Marv Masterman (instr.)
Maryland Jazz Band Of Cologne
Mastersingers, The
Mat Saleh
Mati Nuude (1) (Text in Estonian)
Mati Nuude (2) (Text in Estonian)
Mati Nuude (as part of medley) (Text in Estonian)
Matt Lucas feat. James Burton & Charlie Musselwhite
Medium Terzett
Megan Sheehan, North Star, 2002
Meie Mees & Ivo Linna & Jansa (Text in Finnish)
Mel Tillis (live radio)
Melba Montgomery
Meters, The
Mexicali Singers, WB
Michael Adamson (instr.)
Miche (Text in French)
Michele Torr (Text in French)
Mick Edwards (instr.)
Micke Muster & T-Cats
Micke Muster, 1995
Micke Muster (live, Sundsvall, SE - 1992-93)
Mickey Hawks (prev. unissued acetate 1962), Star-Club, 1999
Midnight Howlers (live)
Midnight Ramblers (as part of medley)
Mike Berry
Mike Berry & The Crickets
Mike Evans
Mike Johnson & Mike Preston (#1 - live, Michigan Jamboree in Hillsdale, Michigan - Jun., 1994)
Mike Johnson & Mike Preston (#2 - live, Michigan Jamboree in Hillsdale, Michigan - Jun., 1994)
Mike Sceptre Singers (Text in Spanish)
Mike Siler
Mike Stone
Mireille Mathieu (live) (Text in French)
Mitchell Cormier & The Cant Hardly Playboys
Mix Bros.
Mixed Choir
Moe D
Moe Bandy
Mom & Dads, The, DMG (instr.)
Monica Mann
Monterrangos de Durango
Monty & Marsha
Monty Sunshine
Moon Mullican, King, 1952
Moon Mullican (strange dubbed version), King
Mortier 101 Key (instr.)
Mr. Accapella
Mr. Blotto (live, Chicago - 2001)
Mudbugs Cajun & Zydeco Band, The
Muppets ('live')
Music by Caamarta (Snooky Lanson), Decca, 1952
Musicians from Dallas & Ft. Worth incl. Joe Wright (instr., 1991)
Naabtal Duo & Alan Jackson (live) (Text in Dutch & English)
Nakagta (live medley: Lovesick Blues/Your Cheatin' Heart/Half As Much/Hey, Good Lookin'/Cold, Cold Heart/Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/I Saw The Light)
Nalva Aguiar
Namu Uman, TOP-Music
Nancy Tabb Marcantel (Text in Creole)
Nano Figueroa (instr.)
Nashville Acoustic All-Stars, The (instr.)
Nashville Brass, RCA
Nashville Session Singers
Nat Stuckey (live)
Natalie Diamond
Neal Hefti - F. Wayne, Coral, 1952
Never The Same
New Bananas (as part of medley)
New Mickey Mouse Club (live)
New Orleans Delight feat. Brian Carrick & Derek Winters
New Orleans Heartbreakers & "Big Al" Carson
New Orleans' Own The Dukes Of Dixieland
Nico Landers (live) (Text in Dutch)
Nikki (as part of medley) (Text in Dutch)
Nils Tuxen (instr.)
Nino Portelli (1st version), Bluebird, 1990
Nino Portelli (2nd version), Bluebird, 1992
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, UA, 1971
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (live)
Noon Johnson Bazooka Band (Noon Johnson & Lemon Nash), 1960
Normaal ('T Kampvuur Laait) (Text in Dutch)
Normaal (Text in Dutch & English)
Normaal (Text in English)
Normaal ('T Kampvuur Laait) (live) (Text in Dutch)
Norman Luboff Choir, The, RCA
Norman Petty Trio
Norteños de Ojinaga (Text in Spanish)
Off The Wall Blues Band (live)
Old Gold Singers (University of Iowa) (live)
Old Metropolitan Band
Ollie Austin
Oompie Koerier (De bek vol vlaai) (Text in Dutch)
Os Chefes (live)
P. K. Thompson & The Nashville Connection, Pickwick JS-6202, 1977
Pan Pipes (instr.)
Pandanus Club (as part of medley)
Paolo Mancini (instr.)
Paolo Sogaro
Papa's Finest Boogie Band (live)
Pat Boone, MGM SE-4899
Pat McCurdy (live)
Pat Wayne
Patrice & Mario (Text in French)
Patrick Norman, Dep, 2010
Patti Bruno
Paul Anka, ABC-Paramount
Paul Eakins' Gavioli Carousel Band Organ (instr.)
Paul Neighbours
Paul Phillips & The 49ers (instr.)
Paula MacAskill (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 2 non Hank songs)
Pepa Pilaø & Classic Rock 'n' Roll Band
Pepe Jaramillo (instr.)
Pete Fountain (instr.)
Pete King Chorale, The, Kapp KS 3186, 1960
Pete Schlegel (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Kaw-Liga)
Pete Willsher; Mart Jenner; Roger Dean & others in teamwork (instr.), Warwick, 1979
Peter Alexander (vcl. by unknown female)
Peter Berry & The Shake Set
Peter Bocage & Jazzband (instr.)
Peter Caulton (live ii Zampano - 1992)
Peter Ostroushko & Stoney Lonesome, Iowa Public Television
Peter Trenholm, PT, 2006
Phil & The Band
Pickin' On Series (instr.) (J. T. Whitney, Lee Rolag & David West) *)
Pierre Perpall (Text in French)
Pink Panthers
Plava Trava Zaborava
Plavci Rangers (Kvety dej) (Text in Slovak)
Pluto Shervington
Ponty Bone (live)
Prebens Pågar (live)
Premier Accordion Band (as part of instr. medley)
Professor Longhair, Blue Star (a)
Professor Longhair (b)
Professor Longhair (c)
Professor Longhair (d)
Professor Longhair (1 - live)
Professor Longhair (2 - live)
Przeboje Dyskotek
Queen Ida
Radiators (live)
Rae Brothers New Orleans Jazz Band (live instr.)
Ragnar I. Vik, The Orchard, 2000
Rainbow Valley Boys, The & Sweetheart, Jessup
Ralph Jackson, 1969
Ramblin' Ross Allen, Arc 501
Rambo's, The
Ranchers (Text in German)
Random Act
Rank Strangers, Polydor, 1969
Raul Seixas (as part of medley)
Raul Seixas (as part of live medley)
Ravers, The & Tony Tornado
Ray Brown, Jr.
Ray Collins Orchestra (instr.)
Ray Price, ABC-Dot
Ray Smith, Wix, 1978
Ray Stevens
Raymond Legrand (Text in French)
Recycled Cajuns
Red Beans 'n' Rice New Orleans Jazz Band (instr.)
Red Foley (from Red Foley Show, radio)
Red Knuckles & The Trailblazers, 1993)
Red Sauce
Red Wing Ragtime Band (instr.)
Rehupiikles, 1995
Rein Mercha
Rémy Laven
Renate & Werner Leismann
René Innemee & The Revival Band (live)
Rene Kosunen, Fazer Records, 1995
René Pascal
Rentnerband (Text in German)
Residents, The, Ralph, 1989
Residents, The (1 - live, Fillmore)
Residents, The (2 - live, Fillmore)
Rex Allen, Decca, 1952
Rhinestone Cowboys
Ricardo Caliente (instr.)
Rich Lee & Comanche (live)
Richard Thompson
Richard Zachary (live)
Ricky Calmbach
Ricky Fitzgerald
Ricky King (instr.)
River Band
Rob Rio & The Revolvers
Robby Vee
Roberto Pulido
Robyn Archer (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 6 non Hank songs)
Rock Gunter (Sid ‘Hardrock’ Gunter) (instr.), Heather LSG 172, 1972
Rock Swingers (instr.)
Rockin' Dopsie, Jr.
Rockin' Kofferband, The (live)
Rocking Ghosts
Rod Bernard
Roka-Billys, The
Roland Andersson
Roland Cedermark (instr.)
Roman Lankios (instr.)
Romantic Violins (instr.)
Romantica's (instr.)
Ronnie Hawkins, Roulette, 1970
Ronnie Jay Wheeler
Rosy Gonzales (Text in Spanish/English)
Roy & The Kiliaan Brothers
Roy Acuff, Hickory LPS-134, Recorded ca. Jun., 1966
Roy Brown, Jr.
Roy Carrier & The Night Rockers (live)
Roy Drusky
Roy Hall (instr.)
Roy Hall, R&C 1014, 1983 (Recorded Oct., 1980)
Roy Orbison, MGM, 1970
Rozne Pyszczek
Rufa Mae Quinto (Text in Filipino)
Runaway Train
Russ & Dan
Rusty Draper, Mercury
"Rusty" Harris & His Six Shooters, Promenade
Ruth Elaine Schram
Ryan Scott St. Louis
Ryegrass Bluegrass Band
Sacred Hearts
Sakura Teng (live 1994)
Salsa Rosso (instr.)
Sam Butera & The Witnesses, 1960
Sam Pilafian & Frank Vignola (instr.)
Sammy Naquin (instr.)
Sampomies, Scandia, 1973
Sandbaggers Country Music (instr.)
Sandy & Júnior (live) (Text in unknown language)
Sandy Bottom Boys
Sandy Denny
Sandy Sandstone
Sarka Rezkova
Sascha Klaar (live)
Saskia & Serge, Hickory
Say Calfrope
Sayonara Show Band
Schloßberg Quintett
Sci-phonics, The (live at The Fisheries, May 31, 1985)
Scottie Tee
Sean Wilson (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 3 songs)
Sean Wilson (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/I'll Fly Away/I Saw The light/Will The Circle Be Unbroken + 2 songs)
Searchers, The (live)
Sebastian (instr.)
Second Hand Band
Sense Surround (instr.)
Seppo Rannikko (1st version), Hitvox, 1976
Seppo Rannikko (2nd version), Tophits, 1979
Serge Fontane (instr.)
Sergio Mendivil y Sus Huellas
Seur Plus Agio
Sharon Wynter
Shelby & Linda Stephenson, Oasis, 1997
Sheltons, The
Sherri Lamberton
Shocking Blue
Shoji Tabuchi (live)
Silver Dollars
Silver Star
Silvinha (Text in Spanish)
Simon Stokes & The Nighthawks
Simon Von Konoy
Simons (instr.)
Simply Clarinet
Siobhan Crawley
Sir Guy
Sister Sister (Text in Spanish)
Skeets McDonald (live)
Skinny Williams (instr.)
Slappin' Leather
Sleepy LaBeef, Rockhouse, 1979
Sleepy LaBeef, Nat Team Media, S.L.
Sleepy LaBeef (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Let's Turn Back The Years/Hey, Good Lookin' + 2 non Hank songs) (live, Harper's Ferry, MA), Rounder 3072, 1985
Sleepy LaBeef (medley: Your Cheatin' Heart/Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 1 non Hank song) (live, Screamin' Festival, Pineda de Mar, Barcelona, Spain - 2010)
Sleepy LaBeef & The Bopcats (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 2 non Hank songs) (live, Finland - Oct. 23, 2010)
Sleepy LaBeef (live)
Slim Newton
Smokehouse Band
Smokey Mountain Boys
Smoky Mountain Players (instr.)
Sneezy Waters, 1981
Soft Rock, Inc.
Sonnier Beausoleil
South China Music Troupe (instr.)
Southland Marching Band (instr.)
Sp Just Frost (live)
Spencer Evans
Spike Jones (instr.), Liberty LST-7401, 1964
Spinning Wheel
Spotnicks, The, 1999
Spotnicks, The
Spotnicks, The (live)
Spruce Pine, Viagrass, 2003
Stale Urine
Starlight Piano (instr.)
Starsound Singers
Steel Guitar (instr.)
Sten & Stanley
Stets, The (Text in English & Norwegian)
Steve Mortensen
Steve Passfield
Steve Ribnikar (live)
Strato-Vani (instr.)
Stringkiller (live)
Studio Group (1st)
Studio Group (2nd)
Sugar Lee Hooper (Text in Dutch)
Sundogs, The
Sunrise & Jessica (live)
Sunshine Skiffle Band
Superstars, The
Susan Hamlin
Svennes (as part of medley)
Svingen 2rader
Swansonettes & Boyz (live)
Sweet 2nd Spring Jazz Gang
Swing Cats
Swinging Solicitors (live)
Sylvie Caron
Sylvie Caron (live)
T-Man Hardy & Cajun Fever
Tab Benoit
Tamra Rosanes (1st version)
Tamra Rosanes (2nd version)
Ted Tyle, RCA, 1952
Tee Fee Swamp Boogie
Tennessee Drifters (demo)
Tennessee Gentlemen
Teresa Brewer, Coral
Teresa Teng (live) (Text in Chinese)
Terrance Simien (as part of medley)
Terry White, Rarity-Records, 2000
Tex Roses - Deborah Kooperman (live)
Tex Withers
Texas Country Band
Texas Ray & The Lyon Wranglers
Theodore Bikel
Thomas Scholl (Text in German)
Thomas Stelzer
Three Amigos, The (Jimmy Buckley, Robert Mizzell, Patrick Feeney) (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Hey, Good Lookin'/Kaw-Liga)
Three's Country
Tiffany Jo Allen
Tillman Franks Singers, The, Hilltop JM 6019, 1964
Titus Turner, Okeh, 1952
Tom Houston Orchestra (instr.)
Tom Principato
Tom Rigney & Flambeau
Tommie Tolleson (live)
Tommy & The Tom Tom's
Tommy Allsup & Raiders, Liberty, 1962
Tommy Darky (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 4 non Hank songs)
Tommy Horton
Tommy Jackson (instr.), Som
Tommy Tucker, MGM, 1952
Toni & Tomcats
Tony Christie
Tony Evans & His Orchestra (instr.)
Tony Fenelon (instr.)
Tony Lewis
Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers
Top Of The Poppers
Tracy Wells, Bellevue, 1999
Travelin' Light
Travellers (1)
Travellers (2)
Trev & Gail
Trevor Finlay
Tri Tip Trio, Globe, 2007
Tributes, The
Trio Galleta
Trio Raisner (as part of instr. medley)
Tulane NO (instr.)
Túnel do Tempo
Turma Legal (Text in Portuguese)
Tuts Washington (instr.)
Tuulikki Eloranta, Love Records, 1973
Two Old Friends
Udo Zimmermann
Unknown, Banff RBS. 1048
Unknown, Banff RBS. 1125
Unknown (Text in Tahitian)
Unknown (female singer)
Unknown (male singer)
Unknown (male singer), Alshire
Unknown (male singer), Hits Doctor Music, 2007
Unknown (instr.)
Unknown (instr. karaoke style)
Uschi Bauer (Text in German)
Uwe Lenz (Text in German)
Val Doonican
Van Broussard
Van Morrison & Linda Gail Lewis, Virgin, 2000
Van Morrison & Linda Gail Lewis (live)
Vanessa Mandoli & Orchestra Klaus Hallen
Vantaan Sähkölaitos, VSOY, 1993
Vees, The
Veikko Tuomi, Triola, 1956 (Text in Finnish)
Ventures, The (1 - instr.), Liberty
Ventures, The (2 - instr.)
Ventures, The (live instr.)
Ventures, The (live with vcl.)
Vernon Oxford, Meteor
Veronique Gravel (Text in French)
Vestre Jazzvärk (instr.)
Vic Mills
Vicki Zhao Wei (Text in Chinese)
Vikingarna (instr.)
Violents, The
Virginia Truckee (medley: Lovesick Blues/Hey, Good Lookin'/Jambalaya (On The Bayou)), Truckee, 1984
Virve 'Vicky' Rosti (Text in Finnish)
Vocal Ballad Community, The
Voodoo DeVille
Vothuong Guitar (instr.)
W. D. Kabanuck
Walter Haynes, Mercury
Wanda Jackson, Capitol, 1966
Wanda Jackson (1 - live)
Wanda Jackson (2 - live)
Wanda Jackson (live medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) + 3 songs)
Warren Storm
Waylon Jennings, WJ, 1996
Waylon Thibodeaux
Wayne Douglas Abanuck
Wayne Toups (Text in Creole)
Weary Boys, The
Wenche Hartmann, Harlekin, 2004
Werner Eiskalt
White Lightnin' Washboard Band (live)
Whoosits (live)
Wilders, The (live 2007)
Will Campbell (instr.)
William Fairey Band (instr.)
Willie Batenburg (Text in Dutch)
Willie Lamothe
Willie Nelson (1 - live)
Willie Nelson (2 - live)
Willie Nelson & Family (live, Amsterdam, NL - 2000)
Willie Ray & The Midnighters
Willis Jackson & Jack McDuff (instr.)
Woodpecker Bros.
Yadira (Text in Spanish)
Ye Ailing (Text in Chinese)
Yorkshire Post Jazz Band (live)
Yorkshire Stompers
Young World Singers
Yukon Ryder (live)
Zacharie Richard
Zona Jones & Swing West (live)
Zydeco Bon!
Zydeco Flames
Zydeco Hounds
Zydeco Jones
Aarre J. Kari (1st version), JP-Musiikki, 1980
Aarre J. Kari (2nd version), JP-Musiikki, 1983

Answer songs to "Jambalaya (On The Bayou)":
Goldie Hill
Morris Mills, Diamond 101

JESUS DIED FOR ME (Hank Williams)
Albert Babin, Gaie-T-Musique CWCD-841, 2005
Bobby Yates & The Drifting Cowboys
Connie Smith, Columbia
Peter Trenholm, PT 126
Peter Trenholm (live)
Roy Acuff, Columbia 20684, Recorded Dec. 18, 1949 - ORIGINAL, first on wax
Roy Acuff, MGM E 3707, Recorded ca. Jul., 1958
Roy Acuff, Hickory LPS-117, Recorded Aug. 14, 1963

JESUS IS CALLING (Hank Williams/Charlie Monroe)
Charlie Monroe, (take B) Bear Family BCD-16808, Recorded May 6, 1951
Charlie Monroe, (take D) RCA Victor 21-0485, Recorded May 6, 1951 - ORIGINAL, first on wax
Connie Smith, Columbia
Drifting Cowboys, Standing Stone SSDC 1234, 1979
Peter Trenholm, PT 126

Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group (feat. Clinton Ford)
Connie Smith, Columbia
Danny Duvall
Drifting Cowboys, Standing Stone SSDC 1234, 1979
Eddie Dean, Design SDLP 89
Hometown Bluegrass
Johnnie & Jack and The Tennessee Mountain Boys
Unknown male singer (private recording)

JUST ME AND MY BROKEN HEART (Hank Williams/Hank Williams, Jr.) (Hank never recorded this song)
Hank Williams, Jr., MGM, 1969

JUST WAITIN' (Hank Williams/Bob Gazzaway)
Claude Bradimore & The Golden Valley Boys, Arc A 538
Eddie Albert, Hickory
George Hamilton IV (live), Lamon, 2012
Hank Williams, Jr. as Luke The Drifter, Jr.
Luke Simmons & His Blue Mountain Boys
Red Sovine, Deluxe
Walt Brown & Bill Collins, WB

*) Various artists = Tom Ball: Harmonica; Jody Eulitz: Drums; Bill Flores: Button Accordion, Dobro, Lap Steel Guitar, Saxophone; Bo Fox: Cardboard Box, Drums; Brian Mann: Piano; Lorenzo Martinez: Bongos, Percussion; Pat Millikin: Guitar; Mike Mullins: Mandolin; David West: Banjo, Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion