RAMBLIN' MAN (Hank Williams)
Alistair Christl
Andre Williams & 2 Star Tabernacle, Bloodshot, 1998
Arizona A-Bombs, Devils Shitburner, 2004
Audrey Williams (Ramblin' Girl)
Beasts of Bourbon, Trikont, 2001
Bill Browning & His Echo Valley Boys, Island, 1957
Billy Mure (instr.)
Bob Urh & The Bare Bones, Ultra Productions
Border Band, The
Boxcar Willie, Column One, 1979
Cat Power
Clothesline Revival (vcl. Tom Armstrong)
D. Rangers, The
Dan Kidd, Gaie-T-Musique CWCD-842, 2005
Dead Brothers, The
Dead Cowboys
Del Rio Ramblers
Del Shannon, Amy, 1964
Dick Dale
Don Williams, Pulse, 1999
Eric McFadden
Frankie Laine, Columbia, 1952
G. Rag & die Landlergschwister
G. Rag y Los Hermanos Patchekos
G.T.M. Country Band (instr.), Gaie-T-Musique CWCD-853, 2005
Girls Guns & Glory (live, The Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA - Jan, 1, 2012)
Guano Padano
Hackensaw Boys, The (live)
Hank Williams, Jr., MGM (acoustic version 1)
Hank Williams, Jr., MGM (acoustic version 2)
Hank Williams, Jr., Curb, 1980
Hank Williams III (1 - live at Schoeneck County Fair, Schoeneck, PA - Jul. 17, 1999)
Hank Williams III (2 - live at Lynagh's, Lexington, Kentucky - Dec. 4, 1999)
Hank Williams III (3 - live at Roadhouse Ruby's, Olathe, KS - Dec. 8, 1999)
Hank Williams III (4 - live at The Galaxy, Santa Ana, CA - Sep. 22, 2000)
Hank Williams III (5 - live in Scotland - 2001)
Hank Williams III (6 - live at Knoxville Fair, Knoxville, TN - Sep. 7, 2002)
Hank Williams III (7 - live at La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX - May 23, 2006)
Hank Williams III (8 - live, unknown venue & date)
Hank's a lot (Rallarblod), KBL Music KBLCD0112, 2012 (Text in Norwegian)
Hayseed Dixie (medley: Ramblin' Man + 1 song)
Hobo Bill & Kristin
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan, V2, 2005
Jake Penrod, Landmark, 2009
Jake Penrod (live, Sep. 18, 2009)
James Montgomery Blues Band
Jeff Bird
Jimmy Day & His Buddies (instr.), Texas Musik
Joe Cephius
John Lilly & Ralph Blizard
John Permenter
Johnny Fast (private recording)
Johnny Legend & His Rockabilly Bastards
Kai Lind, CBS, 1972
Keel Brothers
Kevin Russell
Kieran Kane
Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch (live in Melbourne, Australia)
Larry Steele, K-Ark
Malachi Doyle
Marko Haavisto & Poutahaukat, 2002
Melvins, Hank Williams III & Henry Bogdan, Ipecac
Mike Ill & Scotty Hard
New Country Rehab
Pickin' On Series (instr.) (Pat Milliken, Lorenzo Martinez & David West) *)
Residents, The, Ralph, 1989
Rimshots, The
Robin & Linda Williams
Rock Gunter (Sid ‘Hardrock’ Gunter) (instr.), Heather LSG 172, 1972

Ronnie Hawkins, Roulette, 1960
Salt & Samovar
Sean Reefer & The Resin Valley Boys (live at The Continental Club - Apr. 24, 2004)
Serena Ryder
Shaun Horton's Del Rio Ramblers, Racous Records RAUCD-266
Slaid Cleaves
Soda, Hillgrass Bluebilly, 2008
Sons of Emperor Norton, The
Spencer Bohren, Valve, 2010
Steel Wool
Steve Young
Steve Young (live, 'Le Cameleon', Villeurbanne, FR - May 11, 1989)
Tom Varner
Tommy Nolen, Rhythm Bomb
Tor, 2004
Weary Boys, The
Western Swing All Stars (instr.)
Whiskey Folk Ramblers
Will Handsome
Yat Kha
Zelenáci (aka Greenhorns) (Poslední den - text in Czech)

READY TO GO HOME (Hank Williams)
Curtis Alexander, Po' Boy, 2003
Greg & Teresa Watson, 2011
Gunther Void, Dead Puppy, 2005 (medley: Ready To Go Home/We're Getting Closer To The Grave Each Day)
Hank Williams, Jr.
Iron Horse, CMH
Jimmie Skinner, Capitol, 1953
Josh Williams & High Gear
Ken Mullan
Peter Trenholm, PT 126
Peter Trenholm (live)
Sacred Shakers, The
Seldom Scene, The
Seldom Scene, The (live 1991 - 20th Anniversary Concert)
Seldom Scene, The (live 2007)

ROCKIN' CHAIR DADDY (Hank Williams/Braxton Shooford) (Hank never recorded this song)
Braxton Shooford, MGM K10670, 1950 - ORIGINAL, first on wax
Durango & Friends, H-A-N-K JPS 777

*) Various artists = Tom Ball: Harmonica; Jody Eulitz: Drums; Bill Flores: Button Accordion, Dobro, Lap Steel Guitar, Saxophone; Bo Fox: Cardboard Box, Drums; Brian Mann: Piano; Lorenzo Martinez: Bongos, Percussion; Pat Millikin: Guitar; Mike Mullins: Mandolin; David West: Banjo, Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion