KAW-LIGA (Hank Williams/Fred Rose)
Ace Cannon, 1996 (instr.)
Al Caiola, UA
B-Movie Rats, The, Dead Beat, 1997
Barbara Mandrell
BCB Band (private recording)
Big Sandy & The Fly-Rite Trio
Bill Farrell & Leroy Holmes Orch, MGM, 1953
Billy Lee Riley, Cresendo
Billy Mure (instr.), Sunset
Billy ThunderKloud
Billy Walker, Tall Texan, 2001
Bob Dylan
Bob Jones, SpinORama
Bob Mattice & The Phaetons, Cuca, 1960
Boppin' Rhythm Boozers
Boxcar Willie, Warwick, 1980
Brian Hyland
Bruce Porter, Lee
Buddy Merrill (instr.)
Buddy Williams
Carl Perkins, Jet
Champ Butler, Columbia, 1953
Charley Pride (1 - live Panther Hall, Ft. Worth, TX), RCA, 1969
Charley Pride (2 - live)
Charley Pride (3 - live)
Charley Pride (4 - live)
Charley Pride (5 - live in Canada - Jun. 2005)
Charlie Gracie
Cliffie Stone Singers, The, Capitol T 2159, 1964
Collins Kids, The (live at Western Ranch Party)
Conway Twitty, Decca, 1969
Country Strings & Voices, The Longines Symphonette Society SYS 6093/LWS 1381, 1974
Craig Duncan (instr.)
Curley Williams (released under many artist names), Modern
Curtis Alexander
Dan Whitaker Country Band (live)
Danny Davis & The Nashville Brass, RCA, 1969
David Church, 2003
Davis Sisters, Fortune 174, 1952-53
Deceivers, The (live 2008)
Del Shannon, Amy, 1964
Delbert Barker, Big 4 Hits 33 (EP), 1953
Doc & Merle Watson, Poppy, 1974
Dolores Gray & The Commanders (with Ray Charles Singers), Decca, 1953
Don Carroll (instr.)
Don Gibson, Hickory, 1971
Don Helms (instr.), Smash MGS-27001/SRS-67001, 1962
Don Williams, Pulse, 1999
Drifting Cowboys, Standing Stone SSDC 1234, 1979
Drifting Cowboys, Look
Drifting Cowboys (instr.), Delta, 1981
Dustin Hunt
Dusty Owens
Edmund Bull
Floyd Cramer, RCA, 1962
Four Preps, The, Capitol
Frank Ifield, Hickory
Frank Perez (private recording)
Fred Waring & The Pennsylvanians (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Cold, Cold Heart/Kaw-Liga/Your Cheatin' Heart/Hey, Good Lookin')
Freddy Fender (Text in English)
Fred McKenna, Arc A/AS 711, 1966 (released as (Freddy McKenna)
Garland Shuping & Wild Country
Geronimo Treviño III
Geronimo Treviño III (live)
Grady Martin, Decca, 1967
Graeme McCardle
Greg Hisky & His Dixie Whisky Boys (live)
Hank Williams, Sr. & Hank Williams, Jr. (dubbed), MGM, 1966
Hank Williams, Jr. (1 - Your Cheatin' Heart Soundtrack)
Hank Williams, Jr. (2 - Your Cheatin' Heart acoustic Soundtrack)
Hank Williams, Jr., Electra, 1980
Hank Williams, Jr. (live, Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, VA -1988)
Hank Williams III (1 - live at Schoeneck County Fair, Schoeneck, PA - Jul. 17, 1999)
Hank Williams III (2 - live at Eagle's Club, Riverton, IL - Mar. 17, 2002)
Hank Williams III (3 - live at The Galaxy, Santa Ana, CA - Sep. 22, 2000)
"Hap" Williams, Victory Extended Play Records BG-1020
Hawkshaw Hawkins, King, 1953
Hicksville Bombers
Hillbillys, The (Text in Norwegian)
Homer & Jethro (Pore Ol' Koo-Liger), RCA, 1953
Honeymoon Killers
Hummingbirds, The
101 Strings Orchestra (instr.), Alshire S-5013
Isidro Lopez (Text in Spanish)
Isla Grant, I.G.E., 2008
Jacob Austin Band, The
Jason Petty, Sony, 2009
Jay Chevalier & The Louisiana Longshots (live), Freedom FD 4878, 1971
Jay Stutes & Shorty Le Blanc's Sugar Bees (Poor Ole Kawliga), Goldband
Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band
Jim Hendricks (instr.), CMD/Spring Hill 555962, 2009
Jim Sundquest & His Fendermen, 2000
Jimmie Williams, Top Tunes 303
Joe Cephius
Joe Matheson, 2007
Joe Pass & Roy Clark (instr.), 1995
Joel Hofmann Band
John Hardy
John Lott
Johnny & The Hurricanes (instr.), Big Top, 1963
Johnny Burnette, Liberty
Johnny Cash & Charley Pride (live medley: I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)/Your Cheatin' Heart/Kaw-Liga)
Johnny Cash & Hank Williams, Jr. (live)
Johnny Chester
Johnny Duncan
Johnny Duncan, Lucky, 1970
Johnny Lee (instr.), Aspirion/IODA, 1995
Johnny Russel
Jug Scott, Design DLP-24
Kenneth Swanström, Jamboree, 1974
Kentucky Gentlemen, The
Larry Darnell
Law & Disorder (live at Bill's 32)
Leighan Cortes
Lennon Sisters, Dot
Long Distance, Cezame CEZ 1033, 1977
Loretta Lynn, Decca, 1969
Louis Neefs (Schöne Navaja - text in German)
Lucky Daltons, The, Road, 1995
Luke Gordon (live HW medley: Kaw-Liga + 9) (Town & Country Jamboree, WMAL TV - Dec. 31, 1955), World Artists WACD-102, 2004
Lynette Morgan & Her Tennessee Rhythm Riders
M. Tucny
Maddox Brothers & Rose (live radio 1953)
Major Dundee Band
Mark Weber y Los Cuernos
Marty Gold & His Orchestra, RCA Victor LPM-3516, 1966
Marty Robbins, Columbia, 1958
Megan Sheehan, North Star, 2002
Mel Tillis, Kapp, 1969
Mike Bravener, Socan 2012, 2013
Miss Mary Ann,Ragtime Wranglers & The Ranch Girls
Nashville Brass, RCA
Nashville Expansion Singers, Buckboard
Nashville Fiddlers (instr.)
Neal McCoy
Osborne Brothers,Decca, 1971
P. K. Thompson & The Nashville Connection, Pickwick JS-6202, 1977
Patrick Norman, Dep, 2010
Paul Eakins' Gavioli Carousel Band Organ (instr.)
Peacemakers, World
Pete King Chorale, The, Kapp KS 3186, 1960
Pete Schlegel (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Kaw-Liga)
Pickin' On Series (1 - instr.) (Tom Marton & David West) *)
Pickin' On Series (2 - instr.)
Raiders, Liberty
Ranch Girls
Ratmen, The, Crazy Love, 2003
Ray Price, ABC-Dot, 1976
Raymond Fairchild (instr.)
Reg Lindsay
Residents, The (1 - Poor Kaw-Liga's Pain)
Residents, The (2 - Original Mix)
Residents, The (3 - Single Mix)
Residents, The (4 - Housey Mix)
Residents, The (5 - Stripped Mix)
Residents, The (6 - Nightmare Mix)
Residents, The (7 - Horror Mix)
Residents, The (8 - Prarie Mix)
Residents, The (9 - live)
Rick Powell (instr.)
Ricky Coyne, Event E-4298, 1959
Ronnie Milsap (live), RCA, 1976
Rowdymen, The
Roy Acuff, Hickory 45-1424, Recorded ca. Jun., 1966
Roy Hall, R&C 1014, 1983 (Recorded Oct., 1980)
Roy Orbison, MGM, 1970
Roy Thackerson, Ovella
Rusty & Doug Kershaw + Wiley Barkdull (vcl.), Hickory, 1958
"Rusty" Harris & His Six Shooters, Promenade
Rusty Howard, Tops, 1953
Sammy Creason, Fred Crook, Billy Gene English & Danny Raine (instr.)
Sammy Salvo, Dot, 1960
Sang It To Me (private recording)
Sheila Andrews
Silver Sand
Slim Fenton
Sons of the Pioneers, RCA
Spike Jones, Liberty LST-7401, 1964
Spruce Pine, Viagrass, 2003
Stacy Cats
Studio Sound Ensemble, The
T. K. Hulin
Tarantulas, The (instr.), Fernwood
Tennessee Rhythm Riders
Thai Elephant Orchestra, Dave Soldier & Richard Lair
Three Amigos, The (Jimmy Buckley, Robert Mizzell, Patrick Feeney) (medley: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Hey, Good Lookin'/Kaw-Liga)
Tillman Franks Singers, The, Hilltop JM 6019, 1964
Tim Graves & Cherokee
Tobi Rix, Philips, 1958 (Text in Dutch)
Tommy Allsup & Raiders, Liberty, 1962
Tommy Steele (live)
Unknown (instr.)
Unknown (instr. karaoke style)
Unknown group (private recording)
Unknown (male singer)
Unknown (male singer), Alshire
Unknown (male singer), Hits Doctor Music, 2007
Valentine Green
Ventures, The (instr.)
Vernon Oxford, Meteor
Wade Ray, RCA
Wild Roses
Ymoon Killers
Zeke Sheppard (live)

*) Various artists = Tom Ball: Harmonica; Jody Eulitz: Drums; Bill Flores: Button Accordion, Dobro, Lap Steel Guitar, Saxophone; Bo Fox: Cardboard Box, Drums; Brian Mann: Piano; Lorenzo Martinez: Bongos, Percussion; Pat Millikin: Guitar; Mike Mullins: Mandolin; David West: Banjo, Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion