The cargo area have here the support rods for the chapel on place. We also brought that and the chapel with us and used it when it was raining hard during many of our missions.

With the chapel in place, our trucks looked nearly the same as the one above. Note that we removed and closed the roof hatches.

On this drawing the cargo area is fitted with personel benches on left and right side. Our trucks did not have these.

On this drawing the cabin doors are fitted with the side windows. They was removeable and was stored in a large canvas bag behind the seats. Because of the heat, we only used them during heavy rain or dust/sand storms.

Note that the two front windows could be opened fully. During most of our missions in the hot season, we drove with them fully opened.

The frame - quite flexible and working very good in the terrain.

Note that these trucks had a fuel tank on both sides. When driving a long periode with the sun on the left side, the left fuel tank and the gas was heated - something that could create vapor lock. Then we simply switched over to the right side fuel tank by a valve on the floor. This could be done while driving.

Driving on hard ground and sandy desert areas demanded different air pressure in the wheels. The air compressor mounted on the transmission box was handled by a little level on the floor.

Open cab - we did that too by unscrewing a few bolts, but the strong sun prevented us from using it like that more than one day!

The drivers luxurious space...