The German nazi forces invaded Norway on the 9. April 1940 and kept the iron grip until May 1945. Quite soon there was a tobacco shortage. The manufacturers drastically reduced the numbers of brands in their price lists. Tobacco hungry Norwegians rapidly started to cultivate the plant. In the Autumn of 1942 several factories allowed the public to hand in tobacco for treatment. Soon other factories followed. The simply designed 10-packs (and tobacco boxes) with the dark and nicotine rich tobacco became a useful substitute for imported tobacco used in beloved pre war brands. Enjoy some samples from my collection and others Diary of the War:

Brumunda Fabrikker A/S
Brødrene Frisholms Tobakkfabrikk
A/S Drammens Tobakksfabrikk
Olav O. Edlund
M. Glott Tobakkfabrikk A/S
Carl F. Johannessen A/S Tobakfabrik
Conrad Langaard
P. A. Larsen A/S
Larvik Tobakkfabrikk A/S
Lloyd Tobakkfabrikk A/S
Mowinckels Tobakkfabrikk
A/S T. M. Nielsen & Søns Tobaksfabrik
A/S Norsk-Engelsk Tobakkfabrikk (NETO)
Norges Kooperative Landsforening's Tobakkfabrikk (N.K.L.)
Oslo Tobakkfabrikk A/S
P. Pedersen & Søn
H. Petterøe Tobakfabrik
A/S Skøyen Tobakkfabrikk
Stavanger Tobakkfabrikk
J. L. Tiedemanns Tobaksfabrik
I. F. Ullstrøm Tobakfabrik
Wilhelmsen & Co.